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Hard-Boiled Immortal, the second book in The Immortal Chronicles, is now available on Nook and Kobo, and as a pre-order on iTunes with a release date of 12/16.  (No link to the iTunes, which is app-based.  It’s there, though!)

Why book two first?

Here’s the thing.  I wanted to start moving the Chronicles out to other platforms, but they were all enrolled in KDP Select, which is Amazon’s exclusive publishing thing.  GeneDoucette_ImmortalatSea1400By being enrolled there the stories could be read by people with Kindle Unlimited and by people using the Kindle Online Lending Library, and I had other benefits I never used, like countdown deals and free days.

In order to be able to publish to other platforms I had to first get the books out of Select, which meant unchecking the auto-renew box for each of them.  When I did that, Hard-Boiled Immortal came out of Select on 12/9, but Immortal at Sea won’t be out until February 8 and Immortal and the Madman on January 30.  I will be putting both of those out to the other platforms in February.

First Folio

Once The Immortal Chronicles volumes 1-3 are all out of Select, I can add First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen to the other platforms as well.GeneDoucette_ImmortalandtheMadman1400

The print edition of First Folio is available from other retailers, incidentally.  Barnes and Noble has it.  And if you want it on Kindle, don’t forget you can pre-order it right now.


The day has arrived

Yes, you can now own a copy of Sapphire Blue!

So go get it!

Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Direct from Publisher

Full Cover 1

New reviews

I wasn’t even up yet this morning and there were already three reviews on Amazon.  (Two on the print edition, one on the Kindle.  Amazon hasn’t matched up the two listings yet, because they are Amazon.)  I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of all concerned, and happy to see two reviews I’d never read before, with lines like:

Its a strange book in a way, very different from what I expected and I still have mixed feelings about it. Its very well written, with characters that felt real – and when I began it Mara and Argent seemed headed for the typical billionaire playboy/naive young lady scenario. Then it gets deeper – they have sex on their first meeting, its not lovemaking, just a quick, hot, heavy burst of sex. Their relationship seems to consist of purely that and Mara is unsure of why. When she tries to ask Argent he’s enigmatic ,and very clever at changing the subject til she’s forgotten what she was asking…


The writer does a great job in giving you the creeps.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I wanted to write next and I had the idea that maybe I wanted to write a horror story, since I hadn’t done one of those yet.  But the more reviews I read for Sapphire Blue the more I wonder if I already have.

Happy Fixer release day!Fixer_Hi-Res_Cover

It’s finally here!  Fixer is now available for purchase from (most of) your favorite online retailers in e-book and print form.


Here are some links for you:

Amazon Kindle edition

Amazon Print edition


Barnes & Noble Print edition

Direct from The Writer’s Coffee Shop, Print and E-book

(Note: The Nook edition isn’t listed yet.)

Personal note

I would like to thank everyone involved in getting Fixer to this point.  It has been a very long time.  As I said last night on Tumblr, “Having a new book come out is like watching your baby go out into the world for the first time, provided you kept that baby hidden in your basement for six years first and didn’t tell anybody about them.”

This is pretty accurate, because I finished Fixer at the end of 2005, and didn’t show it to a publisher until 2012.  Why?  That’s a long story, and maybe I’ll tell you sometime.  I’m just glad you’re all here and you finally get a chance to read it.


Paperback availability

It has been a tremendously successful several months for Immortal and Hellenic Immortal, with both books selling more copies, as ebooks, than I’m probably permitted to disclose.  (Let’s go with an awful lot of copies.)  Most of these sales have been for the Kindle, because Amazon, for all their faults, cross-promotes very, very well.

One of the surprises in all of this is that the book sales have come largely despite paperback availability.  I say largely because you could always buy a paperback edition of either book, but that purchase almost had to be made directly from the publisher.  You could also buy it through Amazon, but you would still be buying it from the publisher, only now you’d be paying more for the copy in order to make sure every company touching it got paid.

I’m happy to announce that this is no longer the case.  Copies of Immortal and Hellenic Immortal are now available in paperback form directly from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and whatever remaining online retailers I am unfamiliar with.

Immortal paperback on Amazon

Hellenic Immortal paperback on Amazon

Immortal paperback on B&N

Hellenic Immortal paperback on B&N

New purchase option

I’m actually a little late on this announcement– I’ve been traveling, as you know– but Hellenic Immortal is indeed now available for purchase on the Nook, alongside Immortal.  You can purchase it here.

Questions answered and other things

Question: Is Hellenic Immortal on sale in a print edition from Amazon?

Answer: It is available through Amazon here.  The semantic distinction has to do with the fact that TWCS is using a consignment approach to print book sales with Amazon right now.  In my opinion you’d be better served ordering it directly from the publisher, here.

Question: is Hellenic Immortal available on the Nook?

Answer: Not yet, but it will be in the next day or two.  Immortal is available on the Nook right now, though, here.  Also note Barnes & Noble is discounting it right now.

Question: I saw your name attached to an ebook called The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, but when I bought it I found it had nothing to do with you.  What’s that about?

Answer: Nobody actually asked me that, but it seemed like a good time to bring this up.  A company I am unassociated with put up a $3.99 version of my legitimate book The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody in ebook format.  The contents are… well, who knows what they are, but they aren’t mine.  I’ve had the bogus listing pulled from Amazon, but it’s still up on iBooks and Nook.  DON’T BUY IT.  There IS a legitimate ebook version of this parody.  You can find it here.  It says “anniversary edition” and it’s only on sale at Amazon at this time.

New Hellenic Immortal review

My new best friend Tracy James Jones, who checked in earlier with a review of Immortal apparently speed-read Hellenic in time to get a review up.  You can read it here.

“Currently Unavailable”

As I previously announced, Immortal is switching publishers in 2011.  This is almost all entirely good news, especially since it means Hellenic Immortal will be arriving shortly.

But in order to list the new edition of Immortal the old edition has to go away first.  In a perfect world not ruled by computers and automation and people who steal copyrights, it would be possible for the current edition to continue to exist up until the day the new one is up for sale.  Since we don’t live in that world, as of right now Immortal is listed on Amazon as “currently unavailable”.  In the next week or two it will also be disappearing from the Nook and Apple, and everywhere else.

But it’s only for a month.

About that

Actually more like two.  The previously announced release dates have been bumped by a month each.  Immortal is now going to be re-released on March 8, 2012, and Hellenic Immortal is now scheduled for May 3, 2012.

The reason for this is simple: there isn’t enough time to promote the books properly.  And now that the book is disappearing from the Internet for a solid two months, this is even more important.

In other news

Copies of the ARC for Immortal will be going out to reviewers in the next week, and in a few days I should have a draft of the new cover to show you.  And the final edit is pending for Hellenic Immortal.  And in the next couple of weeks the cover for Hellenic will be all set the ARC for it shortly after THAT, and then we’re really rolling.  Stick around.

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