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Starting today and lasting for one week, Sapphire Blue is available on e-book for only $0.99.  Pick up a copy!  And then tell other people to do the same!

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Some words

*   *   *

In instances such as this, with a book that is seriously the biggest mindfuck EVER, I struggle to even wrap my head around what I just got done reading….

*   *   *

I have been rendered speechless many times after reading a book for a whole lot of reasons. This time, lost for words because I’m incredulously thunderstruck, I think I was even trembling while reading one memorable scene…

*   *   *

Doucette has managed to get into the head of his female lead so thoroughly that, despite her unbelievable circumstances, the reader feels intensely for her…

*   *   *

Trying out a new genre

By now you know what Sapphire Blue is and you know what a lot of the reviewers have had to say about it.  And if you’re reading this you might have also decided not to read it.SB32

I understand.

I have, for a number of years now, developed a core readership with my mashed up sci-fi/fantasy books Immortal, Hellenic Immortaland Fixerand this has worked out pretty well for all of us.

Then I wrote Sapphire Blue, an erotic novel, which is very, very far removed from anything you’ve seen from me before.  (The closest I ever got to this kind of writing was the sex scene in Hellenic Immortal and maybe the succubus short story we released at the end of Immortal.)

I’m sure some of you were confused by this.  I’m also sure many of you have never read erotica before.  So maybe you liked my other books but know you aren’t reading this one because it’s not what you look for in a book.

Immortal_Cover58Also: maybe you’re a dude.  This is one of the consequences of going from a genre with a largely male readership to one that is mostly female.  I lose everything I have built up with my other work, because most of you are simply not going to follow me down that road.

And I can’t even be surprised by this, because I don’t read erotica either.

More words

*   *   *

For someone just dipping his toes in the erotic pool, this book is fantastic. I love the controversy that surrounds it.

*   *   *

I really wish I had someone to discuss the book with because of the many shocking moments, not the least of which was the ending…

*   *   *

What a mindf*ck, my jaw is still dropped! Sapphire Blue by author G. Doucette will either make you run away screaming in terror, or have you spellbound, it all depends upon your erotica intensity level. While I’m still half running/ craving more, this archeological erotica will have your mind and body buzzing with wth moments.

*   *   *

Pride of authorship

Hellenic_Immortal20This is why being an author can be maddening at times.  Because I know I can say to you, my reader, if you liked the other things I wrote you will enjoy this as well because I wrote it, and I am proud of it.  This is a true statement whether you identify as a man or a woman, whether you’ve read erotica or not.  (It is not true if you are my mother, but she’s the only one getting a pass today.)  But there are only so many ways I can say that.  Eventually I have to rely upon some of you reading it and telling people about it.

Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverIt’s true that erotica sells.  It’s also true that every book needs a word-of-mouth effect in order to be found.  Recommendations are more important to a novel succeeding than any marketing, which is why on the one hand I understand if you don’t want to read it because it isn’t what you are used to, on the other hand you are exactly who should be reading it, and telling other people about it.  Because you already know my writing, and Sapphire Blue is as good as anything I have ever done.

Still more words

*   *   *

Taken for what it is — which is paranormal erotica and horror and suspense — Sapphire Blue is compelling and well-written and not a little disturbing. Really freaking disturbing at times. 

*   *   *

The author created original, well developed characters and a plot that kept me engaged.

*   *   *

It reads kind of like Fifty Shades. Poor girl, rich intriguing guy etc etc but it’s also different from it. There’s a stronger plot and better characters.

*   *   *

Getting the word out

What Sapphire Blue needs is readers.  To that end, we’re going to try something next week.

Hang on, this calls for a banner.


There we are.

We’re going to be selling Sapphire Blue for only $0.99 for seven days (on Amazon and iBooks, and at the TWCS website) so if you are one of my readers and you consume e-books, now is your chance to prove me right (or wrong.)  I think you’ll like this, because I think you’ll like something I’ve written.  And it will only cost you $0.99 to see what all those quotes above are talking about.

Full Cover 1

More importantly

You have friends, many of you have websites, most of you have Twitter accounts, most of you have Facebook.  Next week, help me get the word out.  Take that banner (or I can email it to you) and share it.  Share this article.  Send people to Sapphire Blue and tell them to give it a try.  Next week is their chance.

All quotes above were taken from Goodreads reviews

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Happy Fixer release day!Fixer_Hi-Res_Cover

It’s finally here!  Fixer is now available for purchase from (most of) your favorite online retailers in e-book and print form.


Here are some links for you:

Amazon Kindle edition

Amazon Print edition


Barnes & Noble Print edition

Direct from The Writer’s Coffee Shop, Print and E-book

(Note: The Nook edition isn’t listed yet.)

Personal note

I would like to thank everyone involved in getting Fixer to this point.  It has been a very long time.  As I said last night on Tumblr, “Having a new book come out is like watching your baby go out into the world for the first time, provided you kept that baby hidden in your basement for six years first and didn’t tell anybody about them.”

This is pretty accurate, because I finished Fixer at the end of 2005, and didn’t show it to a publisher until 2012.  Why?  That’s a long story, and maybe I’ll tell you sometime.  I’m just glad you’re all here and you finally get a chance to read it.


Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverDirect from the publisher

We are four weeks away from Fixer‘s official debut, which means you’re four weeks away from having the book you can pre-order right now sent to you!

Okay, that’s probably the worst pitch I’ve ever written, but it’s the middle of the day, on a Friday, and I’m hitting an afternoon food coma.

Forgive me.

And after you’ve forgiven me, follow this link right here to pre-order your own hard copy of the best book you’ll read this year.

…okay, that was a little better.


If you pre-order a copy I will mail you a signed book plate for it.

Is that cool?  I think that’s pretty cool.

Pre-ordering ebooks

If you happen to be a fan of the electronic book format, you will also find that it is possible to pre-order a copy of the ebook right now from iTunes.

Paperback availability

It has been a tremendously successful several months for Immortal and Hellenic Immortal, with both books selling more copies, as ebooks, than I’m probably permitted to disclose.  (Let’s go with an awful lot of copies.)  Most of these sales have been for the Kindle, because Amazon, for all their faults, cross-promotes very, very well.

One of the surprises in all of this is that the book sales have come largely despite paperback availability.  I say largely because you could always buy a paperback edition of either book, but that purchase almost had to be made directly from the publisher.  You could also buy it through Amazon, but you would still be buying it from the publisher, only now you’d be paying more for the copy in order to make sure every company touching it got paid.

I’m happy to announce that this is no longer the case.  Copies of Immortal and Hellenic Immortal are now available in paperback form directly from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and whatever remaining online retailers I am unfamiliar with.

Immortal paperback on Amazon

Hellenic Immortal paperback on Amazon

Immortal paperback on B&N

Hellenic Immortal paperback on B&N

Questions answered and other things

Question: Is Hellenic Immortal on sale in a print edition from Amazon?

Answer: It is available through Amazon here.  The semantic distinction has to do with the fact that TWCS is using a consignment approach to print book sales with Amazon right now.  In my opinion you’d be better served ordering it directly from the publisher, here.

Question: is Hellenic Immortal available on the Nook?

Answer: Not yet, but it will be in the next day or two.  Immortal is available on the Nook right now, though, here.  Also note Barnes & Noble is discounting it right now.

Question: I saw your name attached to an ebook called The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, but when I bought it I found it had nothing to do with you.  What’s that about?

Answer: Nobody actually asked me that, but it seemed like a good time to bring this up.  A company I am unassociated with put up a $3.99 version of my legitimate book The Other Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody in ebook format.  The contents are… well, who knows what they are, but they aren’t mine.  I’ve had the bogus listing pulled from Amazon, but it’s still up on iBooks and Nook.  DON’T BUY IT.  There IS a legitimate ebook version of this parody.  You can find it here.  It says “anniversary edition” and it’s only on sale at Amazon at this time.

New Hellenic Immortal review

My new best friend Tracy James Jones, who checked in earlier with a review of Immortal apparently speed-read Hellenic in time to get a review up.  You can read it here.


You would think given that I read books on my iPad all the time, and that I use the iTunes bookstore, iBooks for all my iReading, that I would do something any normal writer would be expected to do, like, say, obsessively check for my own book in their store.

I did not do this, which is why today while I am announcing the great news that iBooks is carrying Immortal, I cannot sincerely tell you how long this has been true.  I am just very happy that it is true.

Immortal on iBooks

But look at me burying the lede!  The BIG news is that you can pre-order Hellenic Immortal from iBooks right now!

Let me say that louder.


I can’t build a link to it, but if you open up iBooks and do a search for my name, you’ll find it.

(You will also find a bogus listing for The Other Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook there.  The contents are a Joseph Conrad novel.  Apple, you’re the best.)

“Currently Unavailable”

As I previously announced, Immortal is switching publishers in 2011.  This is almost all entirely good news, especially since it means Hellenic Immortal will be arriving shortly.

But in order to list the new edition of Immortal the old edition has to go away first.  In a perfect world not ruled by computers and automation and people who steal copyrights, it would be possible for the current edition to continue to exist up until the day the new one is up for sale.  Since we don’t live in that world, as of right now Immortal is listed on Amazon as “currently unavailable”.  In the next week or two it will also be disappearing from the Nook and Apple, and everywhere else.

But it’s only for a month.

About that

Actually more like two.  The previously announced release dates have been bumped by a month each.  Immortal is now going to be re-released on March 8, 2012, and Hellenic Immortal is now scheduled for May 3, 2012.

The reason for this is simple: there isn’t enough time to promote the books properly.  And now that the book is disappearing from the Internet for a solid two months, this is even more important.

In other news

Copies of the ARC for Immortal will be going out to reviewers in the next week, and in a few days I should have a draft of the new cover to show you.  And the final edit is pending for Hellenic Immortal.  And in the next couple of weeks the cover for Hellenic will be all set the ARC for it shortly after THAT, and then we’re really rolling.  Stick around.

This week we’re looking back at the first year in the life of the indie published book Immortal.  You should probably read it.

I’m not proud

Immortal was scheduled to debut on 10-1-10, and I’d love to say things went smoothly, and everything worked out okay, and I was cool about it all.


There was Amazon.  The publisher’s initial plan was to use Amazon’s “fulfillment” plan which resulted in this spectacular blog entry in which I attempted to convince my readers to wish-list the book due to the impossibility of pre-purchasing anything in the fulfillment program.

I then convinced the publisher to use Amazon Advantage instead so the book looked like every other book on the retailer site.  (The fulfillment listing looked like it might if one were buying a used pair of off-brand shoes from a “retailer” that lives in an “apartment.”)  But switching didn’t exactly happen immediately, resulting in this panicked blog entry wherein I tried to cover for the possibility that the book would not actually be available on the much-publicized release date.

And then came the release date… and the book was available.

These are not, needless to say, exemplars of posterity.

And that was only for the print version

After a nice launch party (for which I neglected to take any pictures, because I’m smart like that) and a press release it was time to sit back and watch the sales figures go up…

…and answer awkward questions about where the ebook version was.

OK, I know this was only a year ago, but I’m not that bright.  I didn’t realize how important ebooks were to the current publishing model, and neither did my “this is only our second book” publisher.

It took another writer (the very nice Lorna Suzuki) to ask, “Gene, why don’t you just use Smashwords?”, which prompted me to ask my publisher, “Why don’t we just use Smashwords?” and then there I was formatting an ebook myself.  This was a process that required multiple revisitations, considerable anguish, and not an inconsiderable amount of weeping.  But it got done.  And thanks to Smashwords, it’s available not just on the Kindle, but in all the other formats you can name, and a few you’ve never heard of: Nook, iBooks, Sony, Kobo, Diesel.

Next week: More reviews roll in, we discuss whether Adam is an asshole, whether the book is structurally sound, and whether you’ve bought your copy yet.

EBook empire expands

I was greeted this new year by the discovery that Immortal is officially available directly from iBooks.  Or rather “…directly from iBooks!!!” because that IS exciting news.  (Forgive me; I’m fighting the flu right now.  The plus side is, I can manage deadpan humor without trying AT ALL, but the downside is I may die soon.)

I discovered the availability after checking out my own name in the iBooks application on my cell phone, as one does, and getting a result.  I even peeked at a free sample, and let me just say that it looks great.  It really does.  Speaking as the person who formatted the thing, I didn’t expect it to turn out as well as it did.

Since iBooks is an app-based program there is no Internet destination one can visit to purchase it, but you can look at the teaser page for the iBook listing here.


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