I have been neglecting my Immortal series for a little while longer than I probably should have.  I apologize!  I’ve been busy with Fixer and Sapphire Blue and Surviving Hector and life in general, and this means everyone’s favorite character– Adam, the immortal man– has been getting entirely too little attention.

Worse than that, new readership has slowed down.  And again, this is my fault for not rolling out the third book.  By the time October rolls around it will have been two years and four months since the last book– Hellenic Immortal– came out, which is far too long a time to wait.

Hellenic_Immortal20I’ve been looking over Adam’s history and I realize that his life from 1350 until roughly 1870 isn’t covered anywhere, not even in the new novel.  And since this is (needless to say) a fertile period, I’m going to do what I can to write some short stories for him within this 500 years.  These would be extended flashbacks of the sort you are familiar with if you’ve read the books.

And if you haven’t read the books, now is the time!  The prices have dropped, and you’ll have a third book in your hands by the end of October.

Cover for Immortal at the Edge of the World

In the meantime, here is the front cover proof for the third book!


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A new thriller for your KindleGeneDoucette_SurvivingHector2500

If you absorb your books via Amazon Kindle, and you like what I write, you’re in luck!  It turns out I went and wrote a short story recently, and it’s available right this very moment!

It’s called Surviving Hector and it’s based on a screenplay I wrote a few years back by the same name.  (I am really fond of the name.)

How do you get it?  You click on this link here: Surviving Hector and buy it, and then it will download to your Kindle and yay, then you own it.  You can also look it up on your Kindle directly, I hear.


This is my first effort at self-publishing my fiction.  As you all know (or should) my third Immortal  novel, Immortal at the Edge of the Worldis going to be here in October, and it will be released by my current publisher.  After that, it’s likely I will be self-publishing my novels, provided I can prove to myself that it’s a viable option.  This short story (and the next one I’m planning, which will be by G Doucette) is me sticking my toes in the pool to see what the water temperature is.

I am hoping the water is comfortable.

Twitter handles

I have created (and in one instance re-activated) multiple Twitter accounts in order to drive interest in my work and raise my Internet profile a little bit.  If you are on Twitter and would like to help, follow and share these accounts with me…

For the Immortal series @adamtheimmortal

For Fixergo to @fixernovel

For Sapphire Blue@sbluenovel

For Surviving Hector, @survivinghector


Sapphire Blue final day of sale

Don’t forget, this sale ends today!


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Surviving Hector: a short story

In the next few weeks–I haven’t decided on a date yet–I will be rolling out a new short story, called Surviving Hector.  It will be available as an e-book on the Kindle.  (I don’t have an easy way to do this on Nook or Kobo or iBooks right now, but if there is a large enough demand I will pursue.)  Today I am proud to debut the cover, which was designed by Kimberly Killion of Hot Damn Designsand I think she did a fine job.



“You can call me Hector. Nobody else does, and I only thought of it three seconds ago, so you will not find anything about me by knowing this. It’s better than you with the gun, however.”

Before leaving work for the weekend, Anita’s boss gave her a file for safekeeping. Now the killer sitting in her bedroom wants the file, and is willing to kill Anita and her wounded, unconscious husband if he doesn’t get it. But if she hands it over, he might kill them anyway.

Alone, unarmed and dressed for bed, can Anita save her husband and herself? Can she survive Hector?

GoodReads page

I have already set up a GoodReads page for Surviving Hector.  If you have a GoodReads page take a moment to add it and spread the word!

Surviving Hector on GoodReads

Buying books

Have you taken advantage of the Sapphire Blue discount?  It’s on sale for $0.99 for only a limited time.

What is not limited is the new pricing for Immortal, Hellenic Immortal and Fixer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go pick up copies and tell everyone you know about them.  You should still do that.  Like, now.

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Some words

*   *   *

In instances such as this, with a book that is seriously the biggest mindfuck EVER, I struggle to even wrap my head around what I just got done reading….

*   *   *

I have been rendered speechless many times after reading a book for a whole lot of reasons. This time, lost for words because I’m incredulously thunderstruck, I think I was even trembling while reading one memorable scene…

*   *   *

Doucette has managed to get into the head of his female lead so thoroughly that, despite her unbelievable circumstances, the reader feels intensely for her…

*   *   *

Trying out a new genre

By now you know what Sapphire Blue is and you know what a lot of the reviewers have had to say about it.  And if you’re reading this you might have also decided not to read it.SB32

I understand.

I have, for a number of years now, developed a core readership with my mashed up sci-fi/fantasy books Immortal, Hellenic Immortaland Fixerand this has worked out pretty well for all of us.

Then I wrote Sapphire Blue, an erotic novel, which is very, very far removed from anything you’ve seen from me before.  (The closest I ever got to this kind of writing was the sex scene in Hellenic Immortal and maybe the succubus short story we released at the end of Immortal.)

I’m sure some of you were confused by this.  I’m also sure many of you have never read erotica before.  So maybe you liked my other books but know you aren’t reading this one because it’s not what you look for in a book.

Immortal_Cover58Also: maybe you’re a dude.  This is one of the consequences of going from a genre with a largely male readership to one that is mostly female.  I lose everything I have built up with my other work, because most of you are simply not going to follow me down that road.

And I can’t even be surprised by this, because I don’t read erotica either.

More words

*   *   *

For someone just dipping his toes in the erotic pool, this book is fantastic. I love the controversy that surrounds it.

*   *   *

I really wish I had someone to discuss the book with because of the many shocking moments, not the least of which was the ending…

*   *   *

What a mindf*ck, my jaw is still dropped! Sapphire Blue by author G. Doucette will either make you run away screaming in terror, or have you spellbound, it all depends upon your erotica intensity level. While I’m still half running/ craving more, this archeological erotica will have your mind and body buzzing with wth moments.

*   *   *

Pride of authorship

Hellenic_Immortal20This is why being an author can be maddening at times.  Because I know I can say to you, my reader, if you liked the other things I wrote you will enjoy this as well because I wrote it, and I am proud of it.  This is a true statement whether you identify as a man or a woman, whether you’ve read erotica or not.  (It is not true if you are my mother, but she’s the only one getting a pass today.)  But there are only so many ways I can say that.  Eventually I have to rely upon some of you reading it and telling people about it.

Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverIt’s true that erotica sells.  It’s also true that every book needs a word-of-mouth effect in order to be found.  Recommendations are more important to a novel succeeding than any marketing, which is why on the one hand I understand if you don’t want to read it because it isn’t what you are used to, on the other hand you are exactly who should be reading it, and telling other people about it.  Because you already know my writing, and Sapphire Blue is as good as anything I have ever done.

Still more words

*   *   *

Taken for what it is — which is paranormal erotica and horror and suspense — Sapphire Blue is compelling and well-written and not a little disturbing. Really freaking disturbing at times. 

*   *   *

The author created original, well developed characters and a plot that kept me engaged.

*   *   *

It reads kind of like Fifty Shades. Poor girl, rich intriguing guy etc etc but it’s also different from it. There’s a stronger plot and better characters.

*   *   *

Getting the word out

What Sapphire Blue needs is readers.  To that end, we’re going to try something next week.

Hang on, this calls for a banner.


There we are.

We’re going to be selling Sapphire Blue for only $0.99 for seven days (on Amazon and iBooks, and at the TWCS website) so if you are one of my readers and you consume e-books, now is your chance to prove me right (or wrong.)  I think you’ll like this, because I think you’ll like something I’ve written.  And it will only cost you $0.99 to see what all those quotes above are talking about.

Full Cover 1

More importantly

You have friends, many of you have websites, most of you have Twitter accounts, most of you have Facebook.  Next week, help me get the word out.  Take that banner (or I can email it to you) and share it.  Share this article.  Send people to Sapphire Blue and tell them to give it a try.  Next week is their chance.

All quotes above were taken from Goodreads reviews

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New prices

We have brought down the e-book prices on everything!  Same great books, now for a lot less!

*   *   *

Immortal_Cover58Immortal – Surviving sixty thousand years takes cunning and more than a little luck. But in the twenty-first century, Adam confronts new dangers–someone has found out what he is, a demon is after him, and he has run out of places to hide. Worst of all, he has had entirely too much to drink.

An artful blending of sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, and humor, Immortal is a contemporary fantasy for non-fantasy readers and enthusiasts alike.

OLD PRICE: $7.99

NEW PRICE: $4.99

*   *   *


Hellenic_Immortal20Hellenic Immortal – An oracle has predicted the sojourner’s end, which is a problem for Adam insofar as he has never encountered an oracular prediction that didn’t come true . . . and he is the sojourner. To survive, he’s going to have to figure out what a beautiful exgovernment analyst, an eco-terrorist, a rogue FBI agent, and the world’s oldest religious cult all want with him, and fast.

Hellenic Immortal is a wry blend of humor and history, sci-fi and fantasy.

OLD PRICE: $7.99

NEW PRICE: $5.99

*   *   *


Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverFixer – As a child, he dreamed of being a superhero. Now, as an adult, Corrigan Bain is a fixer. His job is to prevent accident–to “fix” things before people get hurt. But the ability to see into the future–however limited that may be–isn’t always as simple as it seems. When old lover, FBI agent Maggie Trent asks him for help on a case, Corrigan discovers sometimes the future doesn’t want to be seen.

OLD PRICE: $9.99

NEW PRICE: $5.99

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HuffPo articleImage

In this week’s Huffington Post article I discuss genres, and why they aren’t doing me any favors.

Every description of one of my novels eventually requires the use of the phrase mash-up. As in, “Immortal is a sci-fi contemporary fantasy adventure historical-fiction humorous first-person confessional mash-up.” This is mostly accurate, but makes people faint, so I usually just say it’s sci-fi/fantasy.

Read Dawn of the Multi-Genre Mash-Up.

Mailing list

In the days and months ahead I’m going to be doing some crazy things, like (gasp) self-publishing some fiction.  In my conversations with people who know much more about this sort of thing than I do, I’ve learned that I need to have a mailing list in order to quickly and easily notify all of you that–for instance–I just split an infinitive.

I have this space, I have Twitter, I have Tumblr, and I have my Author Gene Doucette page, but none of these things are as reliable as a good old mail list.

So I’ve created one.

If you are reading this and are interested in getting direct updates from me on all of the goings-on in my writing career, I urge you to sign up.

My sources are telling me I may have to provide a contest of some sort.  I’ll work on that.  Go sign up first, I’ll think of something.


immortal-sale copy


For the holiday season, Immortal will be available direct from the publisher for a special discount price of $11.  Do you have anyone on your Christmas list who needs to read this book?  I think you do!

Get your copy here!


To promote the holiday pricing, we will be giving away FIVE free copies of Immortal!

HOW TO ENTER: Entrants will need to “like” my Author Gene Doucette Facebook page.  Additional entries can be obtained by tweeting the contest, (one tweet per day).

The best way to do both is from the IMMORTAL GIVEAWAY PAGE.  If you have already liked my Author page just log in and it should add your entry for you, and the interface (it’s Rafflecopter) will also give you a tweet option.

And that’s it!  So run on over and start liking me and tweeting!  Contest ends 12/6/13.

I love the smell of a new interview in the morning

I woke up to the pleasant surprise of my name turning up in dozens of retweets of an interview I gave a couple of weeks ago.  It posted overnight.

You’ve written and published a novel, congratulations! How do you define ‘success’ in terms of being an Indie author?
I don’t think an indie author should have any different expectations. We have seen a lot of massive success start with indie publishing in the past few years, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more in the years ahead. Indie publishers are much more nimble and can respond more quickly to market needs, and can tolerate underperforming titles far more than the big publishers. I expect books that nobody knew they wanted until they wanted it to come out of the indie market. I don’t expect to be surprised by much coming from the mainstream.

Returning to Austin

tbf_logo_brownI will be returning to Austin this year for the annual Texas Book Festival!  You may recall last year’s trip, in which I learned exciting things like how to pronounce Chuy’sthe difference between fiction and non-fictionand how to survive a hurricane in a hotel nowhere near the hurricane.  This year I am hoping things go more smoothly, and by that I mean I hope there are no hurricanes, because everything else was great.


I will be in Austin from October 25-28.

On Friday, 10/25, I will be at The Book Spot at 1205 Round Rock Ave #119, Round Rock, Texas, 78681 from 5:30 – 7:00 PM for a combination book signing and meet-and-greet cocktail party.  This is an event put together by the publisher and will include other writers, so even if you don’t want to meet me, maybe you want to meet one of them!  (They’re very nice.)

gI_75418_PH_logo_blackOn Saturday, 10/26, I’ll be hanging out at the Texas Book Festival all day. The Writer’s Coffee Shop has two booth spaces rented.  You will find us in exhibitor tent #4, spaces 420 and 421.  We need this much space because we are awesome.

I will be sitting and signing books from 11:30 – Noon, but if you aren’t there at that time there’s a tremendously good chance I’ll be around the table all day, because TWCS is my ride.

On Sunday, 10/27, same as above, but my book signing time will be from 3:30 – 4:00 PM.

On Monday, 10/28, I’ll be flying home.  I don’t have any formal IMG_0404appearances scheduled unless you are an airplane or a hurricane.

Note: all times listed above are Austin time, i.e. Central Standard Time, because the earth is round.

So come see me!

Come down to Austin at the end of October and say hello, won’t you?  We can talk about writing, I can sign some books for you–my own or not, it’s your call–and we can have some drinks together, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more.  It’ll be fun!


Immortal_Cover58Have you ever walked into a bookstore, looked around, and said to yourself, “Why aren’t any of the novels by my favorite author, the incredibly handsome Gene Doucette, for sale in this establishment?”

Of course you have!

Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverWell now you can walk right up to the nearest employee and tell them to correct this, because as of now all three of my novels– ImmortalHellenic Immortal and Fixer, in case you have forgotten the names of the novels written by your favorite author–are being distributed by Ingram.

I won’t get into the incredibly arcane and complex relationship between publishers and distributors here, but I will say that this is kind of a big deal.Hellenic_Immortal20

So run on down to those bookstores and make some noise!

Sapphire Blue is coming

I have finished the copy edit–this would be round two of the editing process–for Sapphire Blue which means the advance review copy of the book should be available in the next two or three weeks.  This is either awesome or utterly terrifying.  I haven’t decided yet.SB32

Immortal at the Edge of the World

If you have been following my author page on Facebook you know that I crossed the 80,000 word barrier on the first draft a few days ago.  I am hoping to have the draft finished in the next ten days.  It is an unequivocal hot mess right now, so don’t get too excited.  And no you can’t see it.

I think by the time it’s done it will crest 100,000 words.  Just for comparison, the first two books checked in at around 95,000 and 85,000.   (For the completists out there, Fixer was longer than either of them, at about 103,000, and Sapphire Blue is somewhere in the neighborhood of 83,000.)  I’d give you guys page counts, but page count is largely meaningless nowadays with e-books so…

Anyway!  Progress is being made.  Hopefully, I can find an ending I’m happy with…

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