Happy Holidays and all that

Greetings from me on Christmas Day!  I wanted to take a quick minute to wave to everyone who just got a Kindle for Christmas and are looking up my books, because you guys are awesome and I love you.

Also, if you’re trying to figure out where to start reading, you will find a handy guide to the Immortal books and their order here.  

Two things not included in that guide:GeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

Yuletide Immortal, which is the fourth book in the Immortal Chronicles.  It is holiday-themed, but that doesn’t mean you have to read it NOW, just that Santa is in it somewhere.  Yes, really, it has Santa.  As with all the Chronicles, if you read it first you’re totally okay.

First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen is a new anthology containing the first three books in The Immortal Chronicles along with an introduction from Adam.  The ebook edition is available as a pre-order and will release on January 6. GeneDoucette_FirstFolio1400 Unlike the other books in the Chronicles series, this book is also available in print, and you can buy a copy of that right now.

Sapphire Blue

Some of you might have come here looking for Sapphire Blue, which is an erotic novel penned by G Doucette.  Which is me.  But, as G Doucette.  Please be patient, and keep interested.  You will be able to read it in early 2015.  It’s going to be rolled out in six serial installments on the kindle, leading to a novel-length release in the summer.  More information about the release will be available on the G Doucette Tumblr, so do follow me (him) there.

Happy Release Day!Immortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-Cover

We are finally at the day!  I hope you’ve all had a chance to get your hands on a copy of Immortal at the Edge of the World by now.  I’m spending the day getting ready to travel go Philadelphia for Phauxcon and fighting a possible cold that will make my weekend a whole lot more complicated.

Here are a few things for you from the blog tour.

There is Adam and there is Eve, two extraordinary people who seem to have crossed paths many times throughout history. What is the mystery that surrounds Eve and why is she so elusive. Why is Claire so distant, what happened to scare her away? Immortal at the Edge of the World has all the answers.

Tell me about the graphic man you use on the cover of all your Immortal books?

My original concept for my very first Immortal cover was to put something that was clearly cave art in a modern setting. I wanted a bus stop with a guy at the bus stop who was just waiting for the bus, and he was like anybody else—briefcase and so on—except he was being represented by cave art. We never could quite get the whole thing to work, though. But the man on all the covers is an altered version of the example I sent to the artist, which originated—a few iterations ago—as a drawing on the walls of a cave in Lascaux.

Full interview at Xio’s website


Are your characters all fiction or do people you know creep in there?

A whole person would never creep in, because fiction writing doesn’t really work like that.  I will pick up traits from the people around me and use them, but that’s more about understanding human nature and using that understanding to build simulacrums.  So yes, all my characters are fiction, but they’re also real people.

Interview and review (of Immortal) 

My first experience with publishing involved non-fiction.  I put together a bunch of humor columns Id written for AOL back when writing things for AOL was something people did, sent a packet of them to a few indie publishers I found in The Writers Market (Im going to assume most of you have no idea what either The Writers Market or AOL are) and got a modest deal with a small market publisher.  I didnt bother to try and go with an agent + large publisher because humor wasnt—and isnt—a big seller.

Guest blog at Izzy’s Book Blog


A short history

The great thing about running a blog like this is I get to see what search engine queries result in people finding my pages.  Sometimes those searches are odd and random, and very occasionally they are actively disturbing, but other times the information is useful.  Every now and then one of those searches is an implied question, like this one: “order of Immortal books”.

Since I’ve been writing short stories for The Immortal Chronicles all summer, this is actually a good question, because it may be hard to tell, without a little research, where to start.  So here’s a quick breakdown.


Immortal_Cover58Publication date: October, 2010 (first edition), February 2012 (second edition).  The reason for the two publication dates is there were two publishers.  Immortal is the first of a trilogy of novels, which can be confusing only insofar as the third book of that trilogy isn’t yet available.

If you are preparing to read Immortal at the Edge of the World (the aforementioned third book of the trilogy) which is coming out on October 2, 2014, you should read this book first.

Hellenic Immortal

Hellenic_Immortal20Publication date: May, 2012.  This is the second book in the trilogy and should be read after the above book and before Immortal at the Edge of the World.

I’m not saying you absolutely must read them in this order, but it will be a tiny bit less confusing.  In a lot of ways Immortal and Hellenic Immortal stand on their own.  The same can’t be said for Edge of the world, which very much relies on characters and situations established in the first two novels.

Immortal at the Edge of the World

Immortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-CoverPublication date: October, 2014.  The third book.  Coming soon.  We’re all very excited around here.

So that’s the order of the novels as intended by the author (*waving*).  Unlike the stories below, the novels should be read in the correct order for an optimal reading experience.

The Immortal Chronicles

There are three novellas featuring Adam the immortal from the above novels.  Since they all have pretty covers and Amazon listings and what-not, it’s not all that easy to distinguish them from the novels sometimes, but they are different for a couple of reasons.  First, they can be read in any order.  Second, they can be read independent of the above novels.  Read these and then dive into the novels if you want.

The order of publication is: Immortal at Sea, May, 2014; Hard-Boiled Immortal, June, 2014; Immortal and the Madman, August, 2014.



The anticipation beginsImmortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-Cover

About a year ago I realized it was probably not a good idea to go around talking about The Immortal Trilogy when I only had Immortal and Hellenic Immortal to show off.  So I sat down and did the thing writers sometimes do and wrote a third novel, and I called it Immortal at the Edge of the World.

And then I waited.

Oh, sure, I edited too, but mostly there was the waiting.

Right, and the cover design.  I had to go over that.  And sure, okay, there was Sapphire Blue, which came out during the waiting, and also Surviving Hector and The Immortal Chronicles.  

But, you know, mostly?  Waiting.

And then I got this graphic and I knew the waiting was nearly over:

gene_edge promo copyYes, that says October 2, 2014, which is only six weeks away!

Let’s celebrate!

Video trailer

Of course I’ve already read it, so we’re probably celebrating slightly different things, but that’s okay.  Here’s something we can both enjoy together: Adam’s first video trailer!



Also, because we’re just bursting with exciting news around here, I will be the special guest this year at Phauxcon, a writing convention in Philadelphia taking place October 3-5.  You can read about it and register here.  Much more on that in the coming weeks.


Immortal at the Edge of the World is now available on request from NetGalley.  The listing is here. 

There will also be a blog tour.  If you are interested in participating in the tour, the sign-up document is here.

have you joined the Cult of the Immortal yet?


At long last

The latest episode of The Immortal Chronicles is here at last, after delays caused by the unexpected death of my computer and the discovery that the story was going to end up being longer than anticipated.GeneDoucette_ImmortalandtheMadman1400

Immortal and the Madman is long enough to fall under the heading of novella.  (Actually, based on the word counts I’ve been looking at, so were the first two stories.)  It comes in at about 24,000 words.  For some perspective, Immortal and Hellenic Immortal both check in at just shy of 100,000 words and both Fixer and the upcoming Immortal at the Edge of the World check in at around 103,000, and Sapphire Blue at around 84,000.

You might not have needed to know that–word count is more of a writer-porn sort of thing–but there it is.  More to the point, I accidentally wrote a quarter of a novel in about six weeks.  (That is definitely writer-porn.)

Anyway!  Volume 3 of The Immortal Chronicles can now be yours!  Buy it, read it, review it, tell your friends!

Immortal and the Madman

And if you’re new to The Immortal Chronicles don’t forget to pick up the other two short stories in the series: Immortal at Sea and Hard-Boiled Immortal.


Publication dateGeneDoucette_ImmortalandtheMadman1400

Mark your calendars!  The publication date for the third book in The Immortal Chronicles is August 4th!  I’ve officially reached novella-length with this story.  I hope nobody minds having a few extra words from me, and a slightly higher price tag.  If it helps, you also get to meet an ancestor of a certain person you may have encountered elsewhere.


The page for Immortal and the Madman is officially up now on GoodReads.

You can add it right here.

Adam has a fan page


There’s now a fan page readers of the Immortal stories and of Adam in particular.

Cult of the Immortal (the name is from an online group mentioned in the first Immortal book) is on Facebook, and will feature quotes from the books to share, excerpts, giveaways, announcements, and whatever else they can think of doing over there.  Adam will also make appearances and be free to answer questions, and you can chat up other fans of the books and whatever else YOU can think of doing over there.

You can join the group right here!


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