Two reviews show the contrast

Here are two reviews that offer an excellent contrast in reactions I’ve seen so far to Sapphire Blue.

The first is a scheduled stop for today’s tour, from Sarah Aisling, who knows me from my other work:

This is where things become difficult for me as a reviewer. I can’t fault Mr. Doucette’s writing; it’s flawless, intriguing, and descriptive. The direction this story took became unsettling, and I found myself peeking through my fingers—something I’d rather not do when reading erotica. Honestly, I’m not really sure what genre Sapphire Blue truly fits into.

You can read the whole review here. Sarah is complimentary about my writing while not all that happy with what I decided to write about this time around.  (She was much happier with Fixer)  I get that.  It’s an extreme kind of story.

Compare that to this reaction from GoodReads reviewer MissyDevoursDelishReads:

What a mindf*ck, my jaw is still dropped! Sapphire Blue by author G. Doucette will either make you run away screaming in terror, or have you spellbound, it all depends upon your erotica intensity level. While I’m still half running/ craving more, this archeological erotica will have your mind and body buzzing with wth moments.

Her entire review is here.

Missy had much the same reaction as Sarah, but rather enjoyed the experience.  Will you?  I hope so.


Review from Nom de Plume Press

On top of the fantastic news that Sapphire Blue debuts today there is the happy matter of the ongoing blog tour, and today’s stop on that tour is a review from Nom de Plume Press:

Taken for what it is — which is paranormal erotica and horror and suspense – Sapphire Blue is compelling and well-written and not a little disturbing.

The whole review is here.


Review from the Offbeat Vagabond

A new review is the centerpiece of today’s blog stop for Sapphire Blue, with a bonus excerpt at the bottom.  The excerpt is SFW.

From the review:

There really aren’t enough words to describe this. It is really not the average BDSM/Erotic Romance I was expecting and for that, it makes me love it more. This book literally has everything. It goes from funny, suspenseful, mysterious, sexy, adventurous, and then downright creepy. If Stephen King were to ever write an Erotic Romance, I think this is how it would pan out…

See the whole review here


Brief review and excerpt

One of the reviews in yesterday’s tour stop had maybe one of my favorite sentences in a  while:

I absolutely loved the very graphic dungeon scene, it was so hot I think I almost melted my e-reader.

If you read that and said to yourself, “Dungeon scene?  Are you serious?” today’s tour stop is for you, because it features a short excerpt from that chapter.

If after reading this you are wondering who it’s about, or if perhaps something from a different book invaded the tour, the (very long) dungeon scene takes place across two chapters an is told from the perspectives of different people.

It is NSFW.  You can see it here.


Some reviews from NetGalley readers

Today, Cafe Art Space features some highlights from readers of the NetGalley advance review copy of Sapphire Blue.  

…I’ve read dark erotica in the past but in a setting where all comes right and with this novel it does come right, but at a price and in a way I really didn’t expect.

You can see the reviews hereSapphire-Blue-Large-Blog-Tour-Banner.

A summary from the TWCS blog

The blog tour kicks off with some early feedback for Sapphire Blue featured on The Writer’s Coffee Shop blog.  You can check it out here.  And be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!


Happy Valentines Day

A happy romantic day to everyone, and a reminder that Sapphire Bluewhich you should absolutely never, ever mistake for a romance, is going to be out on February 27th.

Kicking off in less than two weeks is a large and exciting blog tour.  That should begin on February 20th, and I will share the details as soon as I have them.Full Cover 1


I gave an interview on Wednesday, but the link has not yet turned up for it.  As soon as it does I will share it with everyone.

And finally

Did you know you can enter to win one of two signed copies of Sapphire Blue?  The giveaway is on GoodReads and goes on until February 21st.  You can enter it here.



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