GeneDoucette_TheSpaceshipNextDoor1400I’m running a signed print edition giveaway of The Spaceship Next Door!  You can enter for a chance to win right here on Goodreads.

I received a copy of the print edition last week on the day before Thanksgiving, and have been bringing the book around town ever since, which seemed appropriate, since it’s huge.

I mean it, take a look:

Seriously it's huge #novel #bookstagram

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Pre-order your copy of The Spaceship Next Door below:

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As you (probably) know, the print editions of books need full covers, which can actually be super-annoying, because full covers are A: more expensive, B: require words to be put on the back, and C: have to match the dimensions of the physical book once it’s been produced.

That last one is particularly annoying because book size isn’t something you can just estimate based on word count or whatever.  You have to actually take the book, drop it in a template, and format the bejeezus out of it.  (There are professional Bejeezus Formatters out there.  Google it.)  Also necessary is the height and width, and there are a ton of options.

To commission the full cover of The Spaceship Next Door, I went to Createspace and dropped the .doc version into it to get a rough page count.  The number it gave me was 266, so I told the designer that number.  Then, a couple of days ago, I finished the final draft and did my bejeezus formatting, and got a new number.  THAT number was 424.

As you can imagine, a cover designed for a 266 page book isn’t going to line up correctly on the outside of a 424 page book.

Lesson 1: always wait until you’ve really completed the book and formatting before commissioning a cover, no matter how anxious you are to get to that part.

Lesson 2: always work with a patient and understanding cover designer.

Here is what the full cover of The Spaceship Next Door looks like.


(The .PDF version is prettier, but also too large to insert.)

Expect the print edition to be available on or slightly before 12/22/15, for a sale price of $19.95.  Createspace is annoyingly unaccommodating when it comes to setting up pre-orders, so to make sure it’s there on the 22nd I might just go live early with it.

There will be a Goodreads giveaway of a signed copy, which I’ll announce as soon as it’s up.

Pre-order your copy of The Spaceship Next Door below:

The Spaceship Next Door on Amazon

The Spaceship Next Door on iBooks

The Spaceship Next Door on Kobo

The Spaceship Next Door on Google Play

The Spaceship Next Door is now listed on Goodreads.GeneDoucette_TheSpaceshipNextDoor1400

Please, go, add it to your to-reads list!

The Spaceship Next Door on Goodreads 

In other news, the final proof edit is going faster than anticipated, which means I should have time and opportunity to issue copies of the book to reviewers, and perhaps run a print edition giveaway or two.

If you are a reviewer and would like a review copy, drop me a note!  Let’s talk!

Pre-order your copy of The Spaceship Next Door below:

The Spaceship Next Door on Amazon

The Spaceship Next Door on iBooks

The Spaceship Next Door on Kobo

The Spaceship Next Door on Google Play

Exciting news!  The Spaceship Next Door is now available for pre-order!GeneDoucette_TheSpaceshipNextDoor1400

The Spaceship Next Door is the first full-length novel I’ve put out since Immortal at the Edge of the World, back in October, 2014.  You may find that hard to believe–I did–but it turns out all the books in The Immortal Chronicles, along with Eve, were novellas.

It’s been a busy year.

What is The Spaceship Next Door, anyway?

Why, that is a very good question I have asked myself.

Here’s the long-form description:

The world changed on a Tuesday.

When a spaceship landed in an open field in the quiet mill town of Sorrow Falls, Massachusetts, everyone realized humankind was not alone in the universe. With that realization, everyone freaked out for a little while.

Or, almost everyone. The residents of Sorrow Falls took the news pretty well. This could have been due to a certain local quality of unflappability, or it could have been that in three years, the ship did exactly nothing other than sit quietly in that field, and nobody understood the full extent of this nothing the ship was doing better than the people who lived right next door.

Sixteen-year old Annie Collins is one of the ship’s closest neighbors. Once upon a time she took every last theory about the ship seriously, whether it was advanced by an adult ,or by a peer. Surely one of the theories would be proven true eventually—if not several of them—the very minute the ship decided to do something. Annie is starting to think this will never happen.

Leonid_MeteorOne late August morning, a little over three years since the ship landed, Edgar Somerville arrived in town. Ed’s a government operative posing as a journalist, which is obvious to Annie—and pretty much everyone else he meets—almost immediately. He has a lot of questions that need answers, because he thinks everyone is wrong: the ship is doing something, and he needs Annie’s help to figure out what that is.

Annie is a good choice for tour guide. She already knows everyone in town and when Ed’s theory is proven correct—something is apocalyptically wrong in Sorrow Falls—she’s a pretty good person to have around.

As a matter of fact, Annie Collins might be the most important person on the planet. She just doesn’t know it.

But what is it?

By now, I’m sure you appreciate how rarely I color within the lines, so you will find elements of a lot of things in The Spaceship Next Door.  It’s fast-paced, funny, weird, clever, occasionally horrific, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

It’s probably also my most accessible book.  That was sort of by accident.  If you know a Young Adult reader, and you’ve been wanting to introduce them to my books but couldn’t–because of Jerry the iffrit (in Immortal), or a certain horrifying interlude in a mental hospital (Fixer), or just because of the usual harsh language and sexual situations–you should be able to hand this novel to them safely.

Probably.  I mean, read it first.


I’m going to be releasing The Spaceship Next Door in all formats at once.  This is a departure from my earlier approach of releasing books exclusively to Amazon for the first 90 days.  I love Amazon, but I need to show some love to the other markets as well.

A print edition will also be available, either before the 22nd of December or at around the same time.  I appreciate this is probably insufficient time to purchase hard copies for use as gifts, but it can’t be helped–I need the time to have the book in the best shape possible.

If there is sufficient demand, I may try and eke out the paperback copy a little earlier.  Drop me a note if you need for me to try.

Finally: here are the links.  Please note the book will also be available on the Nook, but Barnes & Noble (inexplicably) is not set up to allow for pre-orders.

The Spaceship Next Door on Amazon

The Spaceship Next Door on iBooks

The Spaceship Next Door on Kobo

The Spaceship Next Door on Google Play

If you’re a regular around this blog, you probably already have a copy of the first five books in The Immortal Chronicles, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know someone who doesn’t have them.  (Yes, I ended that sentence with a triple negative.  Look upon my works, o mighty, and weep.)

I’ve put out a boxed set of those five books for you, or anyone you know.  It’s available on all platforms, or will be as soon as Google Play gets its collective shit together.  Below is the Amazon link.

Incidentally, yesterday also marked the day Immortal Stories: Eve debuted on non-Amazon platforms, so if you were holding out, now’s your opportunity to pick up a copy.


The Immortal Chronicles

A few weeks back I gave everyone a taste of my latest project, a novel which at the time was called A Notion of Aliens.  Since then, I’ve stumbled upon a title I like better, and even commissioned a cover for that new title.

I haven’t finished the BOOK, but, you know… one thing at a time.

Here’s the cover for The Spaceship Next Door.


You can read a draft of the first chapter HERE.

For a loose timeline, I plan to have the first draft finished by the end of this week.  Hopefully, the book will be ready for you by the end of November, but I can’t promise that just yet…

ImageI have a new article up at the Huffington Post this evening.  I actually sent this in on Friday, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure they’d take it.  The piece I’m making fun of was also a Huffington Post article, you see.  Kudos to them, then.  Unless they don’t realize I’m making fun of one of their own articles, in which case never mind.

How many novels should you write in a year? Bad Advice for Writers has your answer!


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