ImageI decided it was time to start handing out really bad writing advice, and Huffington Post seemed like just the place to do it.  Thus: Introducing Bad Advice for Writers!

My first title choice was Bad Advice! For Writers!  I decided that was too exclamation point-y.

Just to keep things straight

Here’s what the next few months  are going to look like around here, with about half of this subject to change.

September 25 – October 9

Immortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-CoverThese are the dates of the blog tour for Immortal at the Edge of the World.  The fun thing about blog tours is you never know if a participant is actually going to post something.  Okay, I lied, that isn’t the fun part, that’s the awful part.  The fun part is when they do post something and I get to tell you about it and send you a link.  I just received a list of requests for three guest blog posts, two interviews, and three excerpts that I’ll have to take care of pretty soon.  I believe I have a fourth guest blog for a launch party taking place in the middle of October as well.


October 2

This is the official release date for Immortal at the Edge of the World.  You have no doubt preordered it by now, so this is the day you get it on your Kindle.  I expect you to take the day off from work.

October 3 – 5

These are the dates for PhauxCon, where I will be.  I’ll have copies of the book to sign and sell, and have a Q & A session and maybe a televised interview or something.  It’s in Philadelphia.  I don’t think I’ve ever been there before.  It’ll be fun.  I expect you to show up.


GeneDoucette_ClubHimeros_1400Some time in November I’m going to be releasing a novella as G Doucette, which means it’s erotica, which means it has a cover that looks like this.  It’s called Club Himeros, and it’s mostly done but needs a lot of editing, which is okay because I have built in a lot of time here.  I basically didn’t want to confuse anybody by releasing another Adam story around the release of Edge of the World, but at the same time Amazon is letting me do preorders for KDP books now and I can’t wait until December to take advantage of that because I’m a freak.


An Immortal Chronicles Christmas story.  I have no idea what this story is going to consist of, because I haven’t even begun to think about it, but it will exist and it will come out in December.  Probably.


An anthology release of the first three Immortal Chronicles books, along with a bonus piece from Adam that I haven’t worked out the detail on yet, but which will probably be an Underspecies Taxonomy of some sort.  I’m bundling these together in order to have a print copy available, so this will also go out through Createspace.

February or March

I’m working on a large project called M Pallas.  It will be released as a series of novellas and cross as many different genres as I can think of, while fitting within an overarching storyline with the kind of meta references that make the geek in me happy.  I’m not at all sure I can pull this off, but if I do, it’s going to be really fun and entertaining, and hopefully not too self-indulgent.  I’d like to have at least two installments finished before the first one is scheduled for release, hopefully in February.  I’m less than 10,000 words into the first installment and I hate it, which means I’m right on schedule.  Much more on this as we go along.

ImageI have a new article up at The Huffington Post.  This one is a return to the Amazon vs. Hachette imbroglio, with my own thoughts on the matter.

You can read it here: Thoughts on Amazon

I submitted this Thursday afternoon, incidentally.  HuffPo’s posting schedule is “we’ll post it when we can”, which meant, for the last two pieces, wait times of 3 hours and 1 hour respectively.  I went through some kind of writerly version of the seven stages of grief while waiting for this to post, because I was unprepared for a three day wait.  I was okay once I reached the Acceptance stage, sometime Saturday afternoon.

Preorder your ebook copy todayImmortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-Cover

As of this morning you can order your very own ebook copy of Immortal at the Edge of the World from Amazon, and also from iBooks.  Below is a link to the Amazon page, since iBooks is app-based, which makes it frustratingly difficult to link to.


You don’t even know how happy this makes me

I’ve been dealing with the peculiarities of Amazon for a long time now, as a writer, and this is the first time they’ve made preordering available for one of my books.  I honestly assumed–because it’s always been a safe assumption in the past–that I wouldn’t see a listing for this on Amazon until 10/2.  That was the case as recently as a month ago.

A couple of weeks back, Amazon announced they would be making preordering available for all of their KDP books, and I was excited enough about that to try banging out a short story to be released in October just so I could try the new preordering function.  Because, again: so cool.  (More on that short story later.  It’s technically a G Doucette release.)  I had no reason to think they would do this for Edge of the World because it’s not a KDP release.



Right.  Carry on.

A short history

The great thing about running a blog like this is I get to see what search engine queries result in people finding my pages.  Sometimes those searches are odd and random, and very occasionally they are actively disturbing, but other times the information is useful.  Every now and then one of those searches is an implied question, like this one: “order of Immortal books”.

Since I’ve been writing short stories for The Immortal Chronicles all summer, this is actually a good question, because it may be hard to tell, without a little research, where to start.  So here’s a quick breakdown.


Immortal_Cover58Publication date: October, 2010 (first edition), February 2012 (second edition).  The reason for the two publication dates is there were two publishers.  Immortal is the first of a trilogy of novels, which can be confusing only insofar as the third book of that trilogy isn’t yet available.

If you are preparing to read Immortal at the Edge of the World (the aforementioned third book of the trilogy) which is coming out on October 2, 2014, you should read this book first.

Hellenic Immortal

Hellenic_Immortal20Publication date: May, 2012.  This is the second book in the trilogy and should be read after the above book and before Immortal at the Edge of the World.

I’m not saying you absolutely must read them in this order, but it will be a tiny bit less confusing.  In a lot of ways Immortal and Hellenic Immortal stand on their own.  The same can’t be said for Edge of the world, which very much relies on characters and situations established in the first two novels.

Immortal at the Edge of the World

Immortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-CoverPublication date: October, 2014.  The third book.  Coming soon.  We’re all very excited around here.

So that’s the order of the novels as intended by the author (*waving*).  Unlike the stories below, the novels should be read in the correct order for an optimal reading experience.

The Immortal Chronicles

There are three novellas featuring Adam the immortal from the above novels.  Since they all have pretty covers and Amazon listings and what-not, it’s not all that easy to distinguish them from the novels sometimes, but they are different for a couple of reasons.  First, they can be read in any order.  Second, they can be read independent of the above novels.  Read these and then dive into the novels if you want.

The order of publication is: Immortal at Sea, May, 2014; Hard-Boiled Immortal, June, 2014; Immortal and the Madman, August, 2014.



Posting todayImage 14

I have a new blog post up at the Huffington Post.  This one is called Success Bias, and you can read it by clicking here.

Also, if you are wondering if I have been recast as a young attractive black woman, I didn’t select the image to go with the article.  I tried to select an image, but for some reason my computer and HuffPo’s blog interface have never really gotten along, so no matter how many times I choose stacks of books or library shelves or whatever other stock image they have available, that image never seems to get used.  This is why when you share my blog pieces they usually have a generic H for an image.

I’m very glad someone over there took the time to pair the story with an image this time around, even if it’s one of a young, confident black woman looking at the camera, which doesn’t appear to have any direct correlation to what I wrote about, because articles with images tend to get shared more often.


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