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Game Vortex likes me!  And I like Game Vortex, possibly in part because they like me.  I’m easy that way.

I thoroughly enjoy the way Doucette goes between the past and the present to play out the story. Once again, he weaves an intricate and brilliant tale about a lovable cast of characters, especially Adam, the fun-loving, alcoholic immortal.

You can check out the entire review right here.

Incidentally, the reviewer–one Psibabe–also said, “I don’t mind saying that I’d love to see more of Adam’s adventures, both past and present/future if Gene Doucette wants to revisit them.”

So here’s where I remind everyone about The Immortal Chronicles, three of which are now in an anthology, and also… I’ve started working on a new novel for Adam.  So don’t worry, he’ll be back soon enough.

New ways to read AdamGeneDoucette_HardBoiledImmortal1400

Hard-Boiled Immortal, the second book in The Immortal Chronicles, is now available on Nook and Kobo, and as a pre-order on iTunes with a release date of 12/16.  (No link to the iTunes, which is app-based.  It’s there, though!)

Why book two first?

Here’s the thing.  I wanted to start moving the Chronicles out to other platforms, but they were all enrolled in KDP Select, which is Amazon’s exclusive publishing thing.  GeneDoucette_ImmortalatSea1400By being enrolled there the stories could be read by people with Kindle Unlimited and by people using the Kindle Online Lending Library, and I had other benefits I never used, like countdown deals and free days.

In order to be able to publish to other platforms I had to first get the books out of Select, which meant unchecking the auto-renew box for each of them.  When I did that, Hard-Boiled Immortal came out of Select on 12/9, but Immortal at Sea won’t be out until February 8 and Immortal and the Madman on January 30.  I will be putting both of those out to the other platforms in February.

First Folio

Once The Immortal Chronicles volumes 1-3 are all out of Select, I can add First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen to the other platforms as well.GeneDoucette_ImmortalandtheMadman1400

The print edition of First Folio is available from other retailers, incidentally.  Barnes and Noble has it.  And if you want it on Kindle, don’t forget you can pre-order it right now.


Image 14I have a new Huffington Post article up today:

Hi! Can We Talk About Self-Publishing?


I published eight things in 2014: two novels, and six novellas. The novels were through a publisher, and one is already off the market–I reclaimed the rights–and will be re-released in 2015. The six novellas were self-published. There is no way I would have been able to produce that many titles through a publisher in a single year. Publishers have multiple writers on their calendars and an interest in not promoting too many things at one time. They also have editorial deadlines and cover art deadlines and contractual deadlines and reviewer deadlines. If I finished a 20,000 word novella right now, if I was very, very lucky it would be in the hands of readers in six or eight months. Contrast that with what I actually did in eight months, which was write and publish six stories.

Pirates, Succubi and MadmenGeneDoucette_FirstFolio1400

You can now preorder the ebook (Kindle) edition of First Folio!  The official release date is January 6, 2015.  Place your order here.

Who is it for?

“But Gene,” you may be saying, “who is this volume for?”

First, thank you so much for asking such a fantastic lead-in question, you have a great future in commercials.

Second, here’s who it’s for:

  • people who read the novels but held off on the novellas because they are shorter
  • people who are completists and want to own everything Adam has to say, including the introduction he wrote that is unique to this volume
  • people who read the print versions of the novels but haven’t been able to buy the novellas because they don’t own a Kindle or don’t read ebooks (the print edition can be purchased now, right here)
  • people who have a friend who should be introduced to Adam (especially for Christmas, because, again: print edition)
  • people who like nice things
  • people

In summary

If you liked the novels and didn’t buy any of the short stories, now is your chance.  Own the first three Chronicle stories now in print, or put in an order to get it on your Kindle in January.

And now, one more time, look at this cover!


Cover reveal

It was time for an anthology.  I’ve been putting out novellas for Adam for a few months now, but only on the Kindle.  This meant I had nothing for the people out there reading about everyone’s favorite immortal man in print… or on the Nook or iBooks.

I want to fix one of those problems, which is why the first three books in The Immortal Chronicles have a second life in First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen.

But first, I had to get a cover.  And it’s a gorgeous cover.  I’m serious.




So, funny thing.  The print edition of First Folio is already available.

This was unplanned.  As you may know, I’ve never actually self-published a print book before.  Lots of ebooks, sure, but this is the first time I’ve used Createspace to release in print.

Createspace is a very, very easy site to use.  It’s just… let’s say it’s missing something along the lines of “if you hit this button now, the book will be available.  There is literally no point at which we will be asking you when your release date is.  It’s just going to be out there.  Now.  Right now.  Go ahead and push it.”

I pushed it.

I’m going to be making the ebook version of First Folio available for preordering starting next week, with a release date in January, 2015.  But as of right now, the print edition is available to buy.

Staggering the release of editions is actually called windowing, and I would love to say I was doing it on purpose, but I’m not nearly that clever.  I am, in fact, the opposite of clever.

Having said that, you have plenty of time to pick up copies of First Folio to give as Christmas gifts!  Yaaay!

You can buy First Folio from Amazon right here.

You can buy First Folio directly from Createspace here.

First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen

GeneDoucette_ImmortalatSea1400I’m trying to work out a release schedule for 2015.  This is not something I anticipated ever having to worry about until 2014, when I ended up releasing eight new things.  Yes, eight: two full length novels–one of which is going to be re-released in 2015– and six novellas.  (I also wrote a 30 minute screenplay.  It was quite a year.)

Next year’s plans begin with the first Immortal Chronicles anthology, First Folio.  I already have the cover, Adam has written a nice introduction for it, and the whole thing is formatted and ready to go.  It will be my first foray into print (self)publishing, which I figured I had to do for the benefit of all of you out there that don’t have Kindles but want to read my other Adam stories.GeneDoucette_HardBoiledImmortal1400

The cover reveal will be tomorrow–it’s beautiful, I’m not even kidding, it’s my new desktop background– and the ebook version will be ready for presales soon after.  I’m trying to get a clear idea of how to time things with Createspace (print) releases.

Also in 2015, my novel Sapphire Blue is going to be re-released as a self-published thing.  I’m likely going to break it up into serial-sized pieces and publish it in steps before releasing the collected novel.  This will require five covers, and a little time to think about how to best bring it to market.GeneDoucette_ImmortalandtheMadman1400

What else…

Oh, also, so I have this long-steeping idea called M Pallas, which I told you all a tiny bit about before.  It’s slow-going at the moment–there is a lot of world-building and I’m just getting to know the characters–but I’m hoping to get at least 40,000 words into it in the next month or so.  That would be enough to give me a better idea of the story trajectory and also two parts of what could be an eight part series.

I’m going to need three more Adam stories too.  Two novellas (at least) to match up with Yuletide Immortal for a second anthology, and a new full length novel.GeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

The new novel is going to require some thought, if only because I like the way the trilogy ended, so if I write something novel-length for Adam, it’s going to have to be either a standalone piece or the start of a new trilogy.  That may mean a new way of telling an Adam story.  I haven’t decided yet.  Probably, I’ll just start typing and see what happens.  That’s how I’ve gotten this far.

Release dayGeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

Today is release day for the fourth book in The Immortal Chronicles: Yuletide Immortal!  Buy it, read it, gift it!  (Can you gift a Kindle book?  Yes you can, it’s easy.)  Oh, and review it!  I can’t wait to hear what you think about the story, which might be my favorite of the Chronicles.


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