Please excuse the mess, I’m rebrandingSB32

I’ve reacquired the rights to Sapphire Blue.  What this means in the short-term is that the book will be pulled from wherever it’s currently being sold.  In the long-term, it means a rebranding and a future re-release.

The 2015 rollout of the novel will likely be as a four part serial, at least initially.  So look forward to new covers and a higher profile in social media for G Doucette.

Social media promotionGeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

I’m trying something a little new for the Yuletide Immortal release.  It’s a promotion through a free service called Thunderclap, and it’s really simple: when participants agree to help they are allowing Thunderclap to post a promotional announcement automatically through one–or all three–of the media listed (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr).  Once you’ve agreed and signed in, you don’t have to do anything else.

Each campaign has to have a minimum of 100 participants.  I created one for Yuletide Immortal this morning.  Let’s see if this works!

To help me out, sign up for it here.  The deadline is 12/2, which is the date the release announcement will go out.

Yuletide Immortal on GoodreadsGeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

I’ve added the newest Immortal Chronicles short to Goodreads and updated the the Immortal Books page here.  Yuletide comes out on December second, and can be ordered right now, so get on over to Amazon and do that!

As a contributor to the Cult of the Immortal pointed out the other day, this short would make a great Christmas gift.  All you need is the recipient’s email and you can gift an ebook to anybody you want to.  This is a good idea.

Club Himeros on GoodreadsGeneDoucette_ClubHimeros_1400

I have also added Club Himeros to Goodreads.  This erotic short can be purchased right now, so you should go do that too.

A couple of things are coming up in the near future regarding my erotica “imprint” persona.  G Doucette is starting his own Tumblr (NSFW), and a new blog page will be following.  There’s a much bigger announcement coming up, involving a re-release and a re-branding.  I’ll let you know when more is official.

A new holiday storyGeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

There’s a new Immortal Chronicles story on its way!  Yuletide Immortal will be available on December 2, but you can pre-order a copy of it right now!


Christmas comes but once a year.
Adam wants another beer.

The first time I met Santa was in a bar. I was occupying a barstool in the Village in lower Manhattan at the time. It was December, of course—one does not meet Santa in August—and the year was 1955.

It was really Santa, too. And by that I mean it was an overweight gentleman with a long, grey-white beard, a dark red suit with white trim, wire-framed glasses and a balding head. His cheeks were rosy either from the cold or the exertion of hoisting himself up on the barstool. He was not particularly tall.

“What’s the rumpus?” Santa asked.

When he’s in a funk, Adam the immortal man mostly just wants a place to drink and the occasional drinking buddy. When that buddy turns out to be Santa Claus, Adam is forced to face one of the biggest challenges of extremely long life: Christmas cheer. Will Santa break him out of his bad mood? Or will he be responsible for depressing the most positive man on the planet?

Order Yuletide Immortal

New short storyGeneDoucette_ClubHimeros_1400

I have a new novella out as G Doucette: Club Himeros.  It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s sexy, and if you ask nicely I’ll post an excerpt.

Pick it up here.

Advice for the new novelistImage 14

A new column full of Bad Advice is up now at Huffington Post.

Whenever you see a negative review that makes you say to yourself, “I should reach out to this person, perhaps in a borderline illegal fashion,” by all means do so. Find out where they live if you want! Show up on their doorstep and offer to politely explain how they simply failed to understand your novel. Make it clear that this is something they need to resolve within themselves and not a reflection on your work, and also that there’s no need whatsoever to call the police, so please put down the phone and stop crying.

The full article can be found here.

Stop by and say helloImmortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-Cover

We’re having a release party today over at Bitten By Books, to celebrate the release of Immortal at the Edge of the World, which I may have mentioned here once or twice.

The event is going on right now… unless you happen to be reading this on 10/17 or later, in which case the event is not going on right now.  It starts at 3 PM EST and runs until I’m too tired to answer questions or until the questions stop coming in, whichever happens first.

Stop over, say hello, ask a question, maybe even win a prize!

Live link to Bitten By Books event


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