Graffiti on the Wall of the Universe
Book three in the Sorrow Falls series, coming soon!

An Apocalypse Story Like No Other

Seven strangers wake to find they are the only humans left alive, but they are not alone . . .

About the Author

GENE DOUCETTE is the author of more than twenty sci-fi and fantasy titles, including The Spaceship Next Door and The Frequency of Aliens, the Immortal series, Fixer and Fixer Redux, Unfiction, and the Tandemstar books. Gene lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Featured Books

Fantasy – The Immortal Series

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Tandemstar: The Outcast Cycle, Book 2

Listen to an excerpt here

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Gene will be posting new works of short fiction on Patreon regularly, for reading and for feedback. Specifically—and you can read about this in greater detail on the page—Gene is building out a new world for a series of science fiction novels (something between The Expanse and A Song of Ice and Fire).

Latest News

The blog tour for The Apocalypse Seven is underway!