Fixer Redux

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Release Date: April 16, 2019


Someone’s altering the future, and it isn’t Corrigan Bain

Corrigan Bain was retired.

It wasn’t something he ever thought he’d be able to do. The problem was that the job he wanted to retire from wasn’t actually a job at all: nobody paid him to do it, and nobody else did it. With very few exceptions, nobody even knew he was doing it.

Corrigan called himself a fixer, because he fixed accidents that were about to happen. It was complicated and unrewarding, and even though doing it right meant saving someone, he didn’t enjoy it. He couldn’t stop—he thought—because there would always be accidents, and he would never find someone to take over as fixer. Anyone trying would have to be capable of seeing the future, like he did, and that kind of person was hard to find.

Still, he did it. He’s never been happier.

His girlfriend, Maggie Trent of the FBI, has not retired. Her task force just shut down the most dangerous domestic terrorist cell in the country, and she’s up for an award, and a big promotion.

Everything’s going their way now, and the future looks even brighter.

Unfortunately, that future is about to blow up in their faces…literally. And somehow, Corrigan Bain, fixer, the man who can see the future, is taken completely by surprise.

Fixer Redux is the long-awaited sequel to Fixer. Catch up with Corrigan, as he tries to understand a future that no longer makes sense.

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