Hard-Boiled Immortal

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Release Date: June 7, 2014


I knew she was bad news the minute she walked into the bar.

She was a redhead. I always had a thing for redheads. One in particular, actually. She was dead, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t holding my breath for a second or two every time I saw another girl with red hair.

This one was very much alive, and once she walked in she was also the life of the room. Men I’d been serving drinks to for years, who smiled so little if you told me they had no teeth I would’ve believed it, lit up like a kid meeting the world’s cutest bunny.

The girl’s name was Lucy and she was there to see a buddy of mine, who we’ll call Al. That wasn’t his name, but Al turned out to be kind of important, and this story is kind of embarrassing for him, so even though he’s not around any more let’s stick with Al.

The redhead was either going to get him killed, or she was going to get me killed. I could tell right away. Call it gut instinct if you want, but I’m alive today because I know what bad news looks like as soon as I see it.

Also, she was a succubus.
—Adam the immortal

The year was 1942, there was a war on, and Adam was having a lot of trouble avoiding the attention of some important people. The kind of people with guns, and ways to make a fella disappear. He was caught somewhere between the mob and the government, and the only way out involved a red-haired dame he was pretty sure he couldn’t trust.


“I really enjoyed this edition of the Immortal Chronicles! Set in the 1940’s as a Sam Spade noir type story, it sees Adam (or Rocky as he was calling himself then) trying to wait out the war in a little bar. But after meeting up with a physicist and a succubus, things take a turn.

"I’ve been a fan of the Immortal books since the first came out and this was a great filler in the long canvas of Adam’s life. This story (and the series) are easily one of my all time favourite urban fantasy series and I definitely recommend you give it a try!”
Amazon reviewer

“In this latest installment of the Immortal Chronicles, Adam gets himself into and then out of a life-or-death situation involving a dive bar, a world war, some tough guys, and a gal who’s only half human.

"What more could you ask for? Enjoyed and Recommended.”
Amazon reviewer


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