Immortal and the Madman

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Release Date: August 3, 2014


“I’m sorry I startled you last evening,” he said. “I get confused. It’s worse at the end of the day.”

“That’s all right,” I said. He was reacting to my words before they came out of my mouth, nodding affirmation. I decided to stick to simple declarative sentences for the moment. “Confused how? You see the future?”

He shifted in his chair. “I experience the future.”

That was different. “Whose future? You can predict? Like a prophet?”

“All futures within my senses. I see them all at once, and I can’t stop it. Your words, my words, they echo forward. Everything happens and will happen and is happening.”

On a nice quiet trip to the English countryside to cope with the likelihood that he has gone a little insane, Adam meets a man who definitely has. The madman’s name is John Corrigan, and he is convinced he’s going to die soon.

He may be right. Because there’s trouble coming, and unless Adam can get his own head together in time, they may die together.


“What makes Doucette’s series so eminently readable is his ability to give humanity to a psychology that is, by virtue of immortality and tremendous life span, incomprehensible to a normal human. As with the other works in the series, Adam is just a man, while at the same time clearly not. In Immortal and the Madman he probes the psychology of that disparity in a little more depth, and still provides the action and witticisms we’ve come to love.”
—Amazon reviewer

“I couldn’t put these down after I devoured the regular series I moved onto the shorts and they just get better and better. I hope there are more coming!!”
—Amazon reviewer


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