Immortal from Hell

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Release Date: November 27, 2018


Not all of Adam’s stories have happy endings

“Paris is romantic and quests are cool. But the threat of a global pandemic kind of sours the whole thing. The good news was, if all life on Earth were felled by a plague, it looked like this one could take me out too. It’d be pretty lonely otherwise.” —Adam the immortal

When Adam decides to leave the safety of the island, it’s for a good reason: Eve, the only other immortal on the planet, appears to be dying, and nobody seems to understand why. But when Adam–with his extremely capable girlfriend Mirella–tries to retrace Eve’s steps, he discovers a world that’s a whole lot deadlier than he remembered.

Adam is supposed to be dead. He went through a lot of trouble to fake that death, but now that he’s back it’s clear someone remains unconvinced. That wouldn’t be so terrible, except that whoever it is, they have a great deal of influence, and an abiding interest in ensuring that his death sticks this time around.

Adam and Mirella will have to figure out how to travel halfway across the world in secret, with almost no resources or friends. The good news is, Adam solved the travel problem a thousand years earlier. The bad news is, one of his oldest assumptions will turn out to be untrue.

Immortal From Hell is the darkest entry in the Immortal series.


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