Regency Immortal

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Release Date: March 3, 2015


“Anna was beautiful and smart and just the right kind of dangerous to get me killed, which was often what I looked for in a woman, to be entirely honest. The interesting ones are somehow almost always the ones who come with life-threatening risk on the side. It keeps my life exciting, and might also explain why I have trust issues.”
—Adam the immortal

Adam has accidentally stumbled upon an important period in history: Vienna in 1814. Mostly, he’d just like to continue to enjoy the local pubs, but that becomes impossible when he meets Anna, an intriguing woman with an unreasonable number of secrets and sharp objects.

Anna is hunting down a man who isn’t exactly a man, and if Adam doesn’t help her, all of Europe will suffer. If Adam does help, the cost may be his own life. It’s not a fantastic set of options. Also, he’s probably fallen in love with her, which just complicates everything.


“One of the best in the chronicles. Loved the creature only second time I have seen it used last time was on nightstalker 1974 only thing that would make it better is if eve made an appearance in the tale. Can’t what for her return.”
—Amazon reviewer

“Intrigue, assassins, monsters, bourbon and a dangerous woman – Adam the Immortals favorite reasons (mostly the latter) for temporary lucidity. He’s a bard of the ages and Doucette is my favorite indie author.”
—Amazon reviewer


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