Signed Copies: Immortal

How to order a signed copy

If you would like to order a signed copy of Immortal, follow the PayPal link below.

IMMORTAL Signed Copy

  • If you are ordering as a holiday gift, I will do my best to get the copy to you before Christmas, but obviously that is contingent on when you order.
  • This entry will be updated.  If there are no more copies I will note that here.
  • As I write this, on 12/14/10, books are in the mail on their way to my door.  I expect to be able to mail books beginning on 12/17/10.
  • If you want a personal message, let me know.  Keep in mind that my handwriting is horrific.
  • No, really; it’s awful.  One recipient asked if I’d signed the book or if I had Michael J Fox do it.  That kind of awful.
  • If you have any questions or problems, drop me a note.  I can be reached at GeneDoucette (at) me (d0t) com
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