Brain dump

A funny thing happened to me after I finished writing Hellenic Immortal: my brain stopped working.

Oh, it’s not like it’s actually fully non-functional, but it’s tired.  Really, very deeply tired.  In fairness, it’s been running non-stop between the promoting of Immortal, the rewrites, and some screenwriting stuff I can’t talk too much about right now.  It can use a break.

Much to do

I’m currently trying not to feel guilty about this lack of activity.  I have a ton of stuff to take care, including:

  • prepping for a convention at the end of July
  • rewriting Fixer, a novel you currently know nothing about but which has a deal pending
  • figuring out how the hell to sell my award-winning feature screenplay Charlatan, possibly by…
  • getting an agent
  • editing, and then either self-publishing or submitting Sapphire Blue, an erotic novella I wrote a year or two ago which I may or may not put out under a pseudonym
  • starting work on the terribly self-indulgent new novel bouncing around in my head
  • continuing the research for the third Immortal book
  • creating an author page for myself on Facebook
And I’m not doing any of these things.  Here’s what I’m doing instead:
My apologies
So just on the off-chance you’ve been sitting around– on Twitter, or Facebook, or wherever you usually finds me– and wondering where the hell I am, I’m on a mental vacation.  I have no apparent control over this vacation, but I can’t imagine it will last forever.
I have too much to do.
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