IMMORTAL now available for preordering

New edition rollout begins

As of today, you can preorder your copy of the new edition of Immortal, which is set for a release date of March 8, 2012.  This is to pre-order it directly from the publisher, which as we all know is the most awesome way possible to buy something.

Should I buy this…

…if I already own a copy of Immortal?


  1. It will have a cool new cover that you can’t resist having
  2. It will include On Gods and Succubi, which will NOT be included in Hellenic Immortal
  3. It went through a new edit, so if you want a version of the text where the word “really” doesn’t appear as often and there are fewer commas, it’s a MUST

…if I don’t already own a copy of Immortal?


  1. What the hell is wrong with you?

Preorder your copy here!

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