IMMORTAL: happy second edition day

Run right over to the publisher’s site

Yes, readers, Immortal is back on the marketplace!  You can buy it right now from The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House in either e-book or print format by clicking this link right here.  Listings on Amazon and ebook purveyors such as Apple are still pending (Amazon is being a pain as I type this, but when is Amazon not a pain?) but why deal with a middle-man when you can get it directly from the publisher?

A guest blog and a giveaway

To celebrate today’s release, I’d like to direct you to TNBBC’s The Next Best Book Blog, hosted by Lori Hettler (@TNBBC, whom you should all be following) for a guest blog penned by yours truly and an ebook giveaway.

Click here to stop by, and be sure to comment to enter to win your own copy.

Press release

Also, please follow the link below, read and share the press release!


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