Add it to your bookshelf!SB32

Sapphire Blue is officially listed on GoodReads.  Swing on by and add it to your bookshelf when you can.  Here, have a nice big link to get to it:


Note that the book’s author on GoodReads  is “Gene Doucette” instead of the “G Doucette” on the cover.  This is because I have surrendered to the reality that it is impossible to list my name as G Doucette and have that still connect to my Gene Doucette Author Page, and I’m not entirely willing to create a completely separate online identity as G Doucette when I’ve made it no secret that I am G Doucette.

I guess my point is, nobody that isn’t related to me seems all that concerned about the change in genres, and a whole lot of you are actively excited about it, so maybe I don’t have to be all that worried.

Of course, I say this before any of you have read it.  *wink*

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