SAPPHIRE BLUE: A tale of three GoodReads reviews

The newest reviews

Quite a few of the initial reviews for Sapphire Blue are going to be turning up on GoodReads, which is the wild, wild west of the publishing industry at this point.  I like linking to my reviews there from time to time.  They tend to be more involved than anything on Amazon, and sometimes there are pictures.

Below are links to three that came in over the past few days.Full Cover 1

This one is spoiler-heavy

She loved the book, but spoiler alert.

I have found myself speechless at times after reading a book, but that’s because I think I wanted to savor how the story made me feel. This time I’m speechless after reading this for a whole lot of different reasons. Lost for words because I’m incredulously thunderstruck, I think I was shaking while reading one memorable scene, that had I’ve been standing, I would be staggering. The strength of the impact on me was something I’ll remember for sometime.

The whole review is here

Full Cover 1

Good writing!

This reviewer had an excellent response to the book and a lot of good things to say, and said the writing was good, which to me is like, “she called me pretty!”

Sapphire Blue is a very well written novel. It’s hard to categorize this book since it contains elements of erotica, paranormal, mystery, suspense and romance.

The whole review is here

Full Cover 1

Wasn’t as happy

This reviewer wasn’t as pleased with the book, but her gif-set is spectacular.

Words that come to mind with this book: intriguing, unsettling, mind-fuck, raw, uncomfortable…

The whole review is here

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