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New reviews

I wasn’t even up yet this morning and there were already three reviews on Amazon.  (Two on the print edition, one on the Kindle.  Amazon hasn’t matched up the two listings yet, because they are Amazon.)  I was impressed by the speed and efficiency of all concerned, and happy to see two reviews I’d never read before, with lines like:

Its a strange book in a way, very different from what I expected and I still have mixed feelings about it. Its very well written, with characters that felt real – and when I began it Mara and Argent seemed headed for the typical billionaire playboy/naive young lady scenario. Then it gets deeper – they have sex on their first meeting, its not lovemaking, just a quick, hot, heavy burst of sex. Their relationship seems to consist of purely that and Mara is unsure of why. When she tries to ask Argent he’s enigmatic ,and very clever at changing the subject til she’s forgotten what she was asking…


The writer does a great job in giving you the creeps.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I wanted to write next and I had the idea that maybe I wanted to write a horror story, since I hadn’t done one of those yet.  But the more reviews I read for Sapphire Blue the more I wonder if I already have.

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