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First order of business: Immortal At Sea is having a perfectly lovely first week.  Thanks to everyone for picking up a copy, and for all the great feedback I’ve gotten so far.  And if you know anyone who hasn’t read the Immortal series yet, let them know about this story! It’s a great way to meet Adam for the first time.

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If you want to keep up with everything I have going on, you are certainly in the right place, because I do update this blog regularly.  But I wanted to raise awareness of a function you might not be aware of, on my Amazon Author Page.

First off, I have an Amazon Author Page!  You can find out how often I remember to update my bio, but more importantly you can see ALL of my books listed.  This may lead to pleasant discoveries, such as that Beating Up Daddy has an ebook version now.

budAlso on my Amazon Author Page, there is a link on the right of the page that says “Email me when there are new releases by Gene Doucette”.  I can’t currently think of a circumstance in which I might publish something and Amazon wouldn’t know about it, so this is a great way to keep up.

And there is also my Facebook Author Page, which can always use your love, and my Mailing List.  The mailing list is new, so I haven’t done much with it (like offer free things and what-not) but that will change.

So follow where you can, and help me keep in touch with you.  Many new things are expected soon…

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