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I have a new blog post up at the Huffington Post.  This one is called Success Bias, and you can read it by clicking here.

Also, if you are wondering if I have been recast as a young attractive black woman, I didn’t select the image to go with the article.  I tried to select an image, but for some reason my computer and HuffPo’s blog interface have never really gotten along, so no matter how many times I choose stacks of books or library shelves or whatever other stock image they have available, that image never seems to get used.  This is why when you share my blog pieces they usually have a generic H for an image.

I’m very glad someone over there took the time to pair the story with an image this time around, even if it’s one of a young, confident black woman looking at the camera, which doesn’t appear to have any direct correlation to what I wrote about, because articles with images tend to get shared more often.

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