Immortal at the Edge of the World release day!

Happy Release Day!Immortal-Edge-of-World-Low-Res-Cover

We are finally at the day!  I hope you’ve all had a chance to get your hands on a copy of Immortal at the Edge of the World by now.  I’m spending the day getting ready to travel go Philadelphia for Phauxcon and fighting a possible cold that will make my weekend a whole lot more complicated.

Here are a few things for you from the blog tour.

There is Adam and there is Eve, two extraordinary people who seem to have crossed paths many times throughout history. What is the mystery that surrounds Eve and why is she so elusive. Why is Claire so distant, what happened to scare her away? Immortal at the Edge of the World has all the answers.

Tell me about the graphic man you use on the cover of all your Immortal books?

My original concept for my very first Immortal cover was to put something that was clearly cave art in a modern setting. I wanted a bus stop with a guy at the bus stop who was just waiting for the bus, and he was like anybody else—briefcase and so on—except he was being represented by cave art. We never could quite get the whole thing to work, though. But the man on all the covers is an altered version of the example I sent to the artist, which originated—a few iterations ago—as a drawing on the walls of a cave in Lascaux.

Full interview at Xio’s website


Are your characters all fiction or do people you know creep in there?

A whole person would never creep in, because fiction writing doesn’t really work like that.  I will pick up traits from the people around me and use them, but that’s more about understanding human nature and using that understanding to build simulacrums.  So yes, all my characters are fiction, but they’re also real people.

Interview and review (of Immortal) 

My first experience with publishing involved non-fiction.  I put together a bunch of humor columns Id written for AOL back when writing things for AOL was something people did, sent a packet of them to a few indie publishers I found in The Writers Market (Im going to assume most of you have no idea what either The Writers Market or AOL are) and got a modest deal with a small market publisher.  I didnt bother to try and go with an agent + large publisher because humor wasnt—and isnt—a big seller.

Guest blog at Izzy’s Book Blog


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