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Immortal at the Edge of the World continues to be for sale

The new novel has been out for only about twenty-four hours and I am overwhelmed by the positive reaction–in direct feedback (reviews) and indirect (sales)–the book has gotten so far.Immortal-Edge-of-World-Large-Blog-Tour-Banner

Here are a few new reviews.

The big benefit of reading the entire series is the mystery surrounding Eve and Adam’s obsession with her. There are tidbits thrown in throughout that in hindsight are major clues. When all is revealed, and you think back through the entire saga, all the info is there. It is provided in such a way that don’t truly connect the dots until the finale.

Daisy Row Diaries review

He thought after the trouble at the compound before that he’d be off the grid for a while. Yeah, that so didn’t happen. We get to see a few past characters, which is good because I wanted to know what was going on with them. We also meet a few new ones. Mirella is a complete badass, and I want to fight like her.

Bookish Things and More review

This book brings forth some fantastic ideas about our how much power can be wielded by the human race in some very terrifying ways, but to only be brought back to reality with how fragile it is. And if we take anything from Adam in how to deal with these immense ideas and powers, an alcoholic beverage is usually his first choice of defense. Which sums up the tone of much of this series. No matter how crazy life can be, Adam still finds pleasure in life: like modern plumbing and a chilled glass for his drink. Seriously, if you’ve ever had to dig a latrine in the woods(which I have), you’ll quickly agree with Adam and the awesomeness of a toilet.

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