Immortal at Sea for free is ending

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Starting this weekend, I’ll be moving Immortal at Sea out of permafree and back to its original $2.99 price.  It’s been a fun three weeks with a large number of free downloads.  I’m not telling you how many, only because I haven’t gone to every site and added them up.  A lot, though.

I’m thinking I will do this semi-regularly with one book or another.  It’s becoming obvious the best approach–for my genre–is periodic sales, but I don’t want to do more than one at a time, so by taking this one out of free I can look into, say, pushing First Folio at a discount for a week.

Or something.

So if you have some people out there you’ve told to go get their free copy of Immortal at Sea, let them know it might not be free for too much longer…

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