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The newest Immortal book, Eve, is now available on Amazon for pre-ordering!GeneDoucette_Eve1400

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Immortal Stories

You will note the full title of the new book is Immortal Stories: Eve.  The title is there to distinguish this story from The Immortal Chronicles, which–like the full length novels–rely upon Adam as narrator.  Eve is a little different because the story isn’t in first-person narration (it’s in what I would call close third).  The story is also longer than any of the Chronicles, which is why it’s priced a little higher.

You will also see this identified as “book one” because I’m optimistic that I may want to write another book about another character in this universe sometime, without bothering Adam to narrate it.  If you have any characters you’d like to see a story about someday, let me know.

Eve will be available on July 14th, and it will be published wide, so expect it to appear for pre-order on other sites in the coming weeks.

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