The Spaceship Next Door– Print Edition!

The print edition of The Spaceship Next Door is available right now!  GeneDoucette_TheSpaceshipNextDoor1400

Here are two links to it.  I’ll give everyone a minute so they can run over and buy a copy.

The Spaceship Next Door print edition on Amazon

The Spaceship Next Door print edition direct from Createspace

Are you back?  Cool.  So: why did I do this when the official release date isn’t until 12/22?


Well, that and it takes like four days for a proper page to go up, so if I hit that ‘distribute’ button on schedule the book wouldn’t have seen the front of Amazon until 12/26.  When it will be available from other retail outlets remains an open question.

But mostly, Christmas!

Now you can:

  • add it to your wish list
  • add it to your shopping list
  • buy it for friends and family
  • buy a copy to go along with your ebook edition (did you know if you buy both from Amazon the ebook cost goes down?  Save $3!)
  • use it to level that table leg
  • have something to show off on the subway, even if you actually have your tablet reader hiding inside
  • an extra doorstop is always handy! (It’s a large book)

and most importantly, you can:

  • read it before anyone else does!
  • except for me!  I’ve read it!
  • lots of times!  (It’s really good)

Meanwhile, if you haven’t pre-ordered that ebook copy yet, there’s still a couple of weeks to go, so get on it.  Here are the links:

The Spaceship Next Door on Amazon

The Spaceship Next Door on iBooks

The Spaceship Next Door on Kobo

The Spaceship Next Door on Google Play

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