A New Short Story and Other News

The Hole in the Garden

News! I have a new short story out in Lightspeed Magazine.

It’s called The Hole in the Garden and you can read it online right now. 

I loved writing this story, which came to me as I was recovering from a minor surgery and could not (because the surgery was on my jaw) eat solid foods for a while, and was therefore not entirely in my right mind. I’m really surprised it works. It’s a story about a man telling a story to his daughter about another man who finds something odd in his garden.

And all the rest

I have been neglecting this blog for a little while now, which unfortunately has meant that I haven’t always promoted new short stories when they became available. Which is a shame, because I’ve written quite a few and most have already been published. (There are more not yet published.) I actually lumped all of the shorts I have together the other day in one manuscript; combined, they add up to a novel-sized lump. Three or four more and I’ve got a decent collection to publish.

Until then, here are four other stories that you may or may not have already heard of.

Schrödinger’s Catastrophe
My first short story, this one ended up reprinted in two year-end “Best-of” anthologies. It’s about the discovery of a part of space where the laws of physics are more like suggestions.

Hypnopompic Circumstance
Alien abduction or psychotic break? Why not both?

Memoranda From the End of the World
The end of the world told through interoffice memoranda. It’s possible you don’t like epistolary stories, but not only do I love them, I love writing them. Of everything I have written, (and I mean everything,) this may be my favorite.

Primordial Soup and Salad
Have you ever wondered how food replicators on spaceship work? No? Well, I have. And this is what I came up with.

Other News

Speaking of neglect, while I was writing all these stories (and the ones not yet published) I was also writing screenplays that I:

  1. cannot talk about in detail right now, unfortunately, but
  2. also aren’t doing a single thing right now because of the Hollywood strikes.

I also wrote Graffiti on the Wall of the Universe, which you may have heard of.

What I have not been doing is working on TandemstarI am rectifying that right now. To the many, many people who have written in, asking if/when I would be resuming the story, I am resuming the story now. My apologies, and thank you for your patience.

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