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The Year of IMMORTAL: a prehistory

We’re looking back at the first year in the life of the indie published book Immortal.  Join us, as we reminisce and speak in first person plural for no reason. Before the beginning The official publication date for Immortal was 10-1-10, which was a perfect binary day despite actually being a Friday and thus a very…

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Challenge Accepted!

Blog tour! I kind of buried the lede, but: I’m hosting my first official blog tour for Immortal!  And I need your help!  See the bottom for details. But first… Planning the future I had the opportunity on Saturday to sit down with a couple of New York-based editors.  I was at a convention called…

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The Latest Column on the Future of Publishing

I am nothing if not trendy I have seen a large number of articles recently about The Future of Publishing.  This may be because I spend much of my “I’m promoting my book” time hanging out on Twitter with other writers, but that doesn’t mean the question isn’t being put out there a lot. I…

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On publishing

Forget I asked A few years back I went to a book reading for an established writer who was teasing an excerpt from his new book.  This was following the rampant success of his prior work, a literary roman a clef I won’t name for reasons that will become clear below. I remember two things…

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Accidental Network

When I was still trying to understand Twitter I had this conversation once with a friend who signed onto Twitter before I did. “I’m in a chat.” “On Twitter?  How the hell do you chat in Twitter?  Is there a room everyone goes to?” “No, we just all follow each other.” This struck me as…

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On agents

I ended up in a Twitter chat last night for anyone interested in asking a literary agent a question, and I realized… I didn’t have any questions. Well, that’s not true, I had two: “would you like to represent me” and, “how about now?”  But those are rude questions, because I have to think there…

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