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First blurb: Immortal at the Edge of the World

On the subject of blurbs You may not know what a blurb is, because you may not be a writer.  A blurb is a summary of a story– around 300 words– that took the author somewhere in the area of 100,000 words to tell.  These are the things that end up on the back covers of…

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The Year of IMMORTAL: a prehistory

We’re looking back at the first year in the life of the indie published book Immortal.  Join us, as we reminisce and speak in first person plural for no reason. Before the beginning The official publication date for Immortal was 10-1-10, which was a perfect binary day despite actually being a Friday and thus a very…

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Blog Review: Immortal

New blog review The latest review of Immortal comes from fellow novelist Spencer Seidel: Immortal’s fast-paced plot and collection of interesting and surprising characters will have you turning pages. It’s a hard book to put down and one of those books that make you wish the story was real… Read the full review here

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Blog Tour: The Literary Soundtrack interview

Interview with Gene and Adam I had a lot of fun doing this interview, with The Literary Soundtrack.  First, I love talking about music, as anyone who has been locked in a car with me and my iPod can attest to.  Second, Adam showed up to answer one of the questions. Stop by The Literary…

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Immortal Review: Night Owl Paranormal

Night Owl Paranormal I have been terribly negligent when it comes to back-linking and promoting new reviews of Immortal.  Here is one, with more to follow. This is what good science fiction should be, believable yet fantastic…. See the full review here  

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A new blurb for Immortal

New blurb for Immortal Imagine if you will two editors sitting at a bar in New York, trying to think up the next huge blockbuster.  What they might come up with is to somehow combine Chuck Palahniuk with Phillip K. Dick with a little Charlie Huston sprinkled on top. The mega-ambitious story they’d concoct would…

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Blog review for Immortal

Thoughts that got stuck in my head Some nice comments from blogger Sue London regarding Immortal: “He has the wit of Douglas Adams, the sarcasm of Jim Butcher, the droll plotting of Spider Robinson, and the sly twists of Neil Gaiman…” Read the blog here

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IMMORTAL: Resale cover

Resale cover Below is a copy of the first official resale cover for Immortal.  We could fit only one blurb on this cover, so the others are inside on the front.  Additional blurbs will be either added to the back– we may take away some text there in the future– or included in the front,…

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Book Review for Immortal The world of fantasy has been growing steadily popular over the past decade from stories about witches and wizards to the lives of an obscene amount of vampires. Readers have been thirsting for the next great book and after sifting through practically every book on my reading list and becoming thoroughly…

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Immortal: a new blurb

Second big book blurb for Immortal In creating the ageless Adam, Gene Doucette has conjured up a character as witty as he is old, and as charming as he is depraved. IMMORTAL is by turns thrilling, moving, and deeply, darkly funny. –Eric Garcia, author of Repo Men, Matchstick Men and the Anonymous Rex series

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