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What if Amazon Killed Kindle Unlimited?

A thought experiment What if Amazon killed Kindle Unlimited? I’m asking the question without any actual information that this is going to happen, so consider this a thought experiment, with a half-decent understanding of the indie marketplace sprinkled in. It’s not an alarm. Although…maybe it could be, because there are signs out there, if you…

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Google Playing Around

I received an interesting email from Amazon last week, which read (in part) as follows: We recently noticed the digital list price for the title(s) listed below is higher than the list price of the same book listed on or another website. Unfiction… is listed on at AUD 8.07 and at AUD 1.09…

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About also-boughts, or how I ruined everything

In what I expect will be a common practice for quite a few of my fellow writers in the coming years, last week I republished four novels after the publisher (who is closing shop) released the rights. In other words: welcome to the first day of the rest of my writing career! I am very excited.…

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Immortal at Sea for free

An introduction to the Immortal Chronicles As of today, you can own a copy of Immortal at Sea for free from just about everywhere.  Here are the links: iTunes Nook Kobo Google Play Smashwords If you’re reading this, you probably already own a copy of Immortal at Sea but I’m betting you know a lot of people who…

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