Tandemstar: The Planet Dib

Space Tower

As we approach the release date for the first book in the Tandemstar series (Two Suns at Sunset, Book One in the Outcast Cycle) I thought it’d better carve out some time to discuss the planet itself. Specifically, let’s talk about something that has always bothered me about created universes in works of fiction. Let’s…

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The Tandemstar project

Two Suns at Sunset cover

Just about a year ago, I had an idea for something bigger. At the time, the sixth book of the Immortal series, Immortal: Last Call didn’t yet exist. (Although I had begun writing it.) I knew it was going to end up being the final book for Adam, if not forever then for a while. Understand that for…

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Back from Boskone

An Introduction Calling Boskone my ‘first convention’ is nearly correct. It depends largely on how one defines ‘convention.’ I’ve been to a couple of other cons (Phauxcon, for instance) but this was the first time I attended something this large, and the first time I was a panelist. Let’s say it was my first big con,…

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Immortal: first blurb

First book blurb A sui generis Urban Fantasy/Historical/Crime crossover novel, in which pixies, demons, dragons, and vampires are real — though few humans know that… Narrated by a wisecracking immortal that’s worldly, noir, skeptical without bleak cynicism, and open to surprises; he’s half Gilgamesh and half Raymond Chandler. I couldn’t put it down! –Jonathan Vos…

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