Indie Book Event on Channel One

This is far more amusing in context

The Indie Book Event got some local coverage on Channel One yesterday.  I’m at the table in the back of the room.

What’s funny is they showed up to get the background footage during one of the presentations, so there wasn’t anyone visiting the tables.  The person I’m talking to is the event organizer/founder/matriarch, and the conversation we’re having went like this:

Me: They just turned the camera this way.

Melissa: No! Did they? No, don’t look! Tell me about your book!

Me: You should read it.

Melissa: I did.

Me: It’s really funny. Stop that you’re freaking out.

Melissa: omigodomigod are they still filming?

Channel One footage

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  1. Shae Cozzens on July 31, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    LOL. I still think my face is the best part of that video when I realized the camera was pointing toward me.

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