The year of IMMORTAL

An anniversary

It’s embarrassing to admit this, but we’ve gone one calendar year– and some change– since the official publication date of Immortal and I didn’t even realize it until a few days ago.  

And it’s been a hell of a year, the kind of year that cries out for a recap of some kind, and by God that calls for a blog post!

But there is too much

This was supposed to be that recap, but as I looked back on the last twelve months I realized nothing shorter than 2,500 words would do the job, and that’s much too long.  So to cover the reviews, the blog tour, the advertisements, the book events, the quotes and excerpts and everything else, I’m going to hold a Week of Immortal beginning on Monday (10/17) and possibly even lasting the entire week.

Why wait until next week?  I, um, haven’t written anything for it yet.  Also, tomorrow’s blog entry will have a guest promoting a book that isn’t Immortal, and that would just be weird.

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