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Because I can’t help myself

I don’t think I will ever get used to the delay.  I’ve been an Internet writer/blogger/columnist/tweeter/whateverthefuckwecallitnow for most of my adult life, and the great thing about being… that… is the immediate gratification that derives from trotting something out to readers immediately.

Novel writing, on the other hand, means accepting that a finished book won’t be seen by readers that are not in my immediate family for years.


Today’s example of this is Fixer.  I wrote this book between Immortal and Hellenic Immortal, which means it has been lying around in some completed form for at least five years.  It needed an edit though, badly, and so I left it alone while busying myself with various screenwriting endeavors and all matters concerning Adam the immortal.  I finally got a chance to re-finish Fixer only recently, and that editing concluded a few days ago.

And there is a very good chance this book won’t debut until 2013.  Because that’s just the way this has to work.

Sample chapter

But since I went through all the trouble to rewrite it, I’d really like you to read it, so to accommodate my need for interest and feedback and your (hopefully) need for new material from me, I’m going to introduce you to the main character by bringing out chapter one of Fixer.  If you read it and hate me for not posting the remaining 98,000 words of the novel immediately, I understand.  Not that that wouldn’t be a really excellent reaction.

Fixer sample chapter

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