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Fixer Redux release day!

Today’s the day! Run on down to your neighborhood ebook retailer and pick up a copy of Fixer Redux! Be the first kid on your block to know what happens next with Corrigan Bain, the man who can (kind of) see the future! Check out the Fixer Redux page for more. What you can expect The…

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Fixer Redux is coming soon

A sequel is coming! It’s Fixer Redux, a follow-up to my 2013(!) novel, Fixer! Here are the details, first, and then I’ll come back with more. The Cover The Links for preordering Fixer Redux on Amazon Fixer Redux on Barnes & Noble Fixer Redux on iTunes Fixer Redux on Kobo Fixer Redux on Google Play…

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Fixer audiobook

At long last, there is an audiobook available for Fixer. Here’s a sharp-looking cover to stare at first. The links to buy are here: Audible Amazon Apple Something sort of interesting: the audiobook is classified as mystery/thriller on Audible and as mystery on iTunes. Those are secondary categories I picked for the book when I listed…

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Cover Reveal: Fixer

Here it is, the fourth and final new cover, for Fixer. Since the book is more sci-fi than fantasy and isn’t a part of the Immortal bunch, it gets an entirely different look, one I hope everyone finds striking and interesting. If you’re now asking yourself, “but why are you doing this for a book that I…

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The Way Forward

I’ve mentioned a couple of times now that I’m going to be reacquiring the rights to four of my novels, but after a few conversations I’ve had with a few people—offhand chats with persons not involved in publishing who are aware that I also exist as a writer—I came to realize I never discussed why I’m getting…

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Immortal at Sea for free

An introduction to the Immortal Chronicles As of today, you can own a copy of Immortal at Sea for free from just about everywhere.  Here are the links: iTunes Nook Kobo Google Play Smashwords If you’re reading this, you probably already own a copy of Immortal at Sea but I’m betting you know a lot of people who…

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Regency Immortal is here!

Book Five in the Immortal Chronicles The long awaited fifth book in The Immortal Chronicles is now available!  Regency Immortal is a little bit of romance, a lot of Adam, and a decent serving of political intrigue and espionage.  Adam’s in Vienna at a particularly important historical time, along with a beautiful young woman named Anna and…

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At long last The latest episode of The Immortal Chronicles is here at last, after delays caused by the unexpected death of my computer and the discovery that the story was going to end up being longer than anticipated. Immortal and the Madman is long enough to fall under the heading of novella.  (Actually, based on the word…

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Publication date Mark your calendars!  The publication date for the third book in The Immortal Chronicles is August 4th!  I’ve officially reached novella-length with this story.  I hope nobody minds having a few extra words from me, and a slightly higher price tag.  If it helps, you also get to meet an ancestor of a…

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Immortal stories

Immortal at the Edge of the World It’s a little early for reviews for a book not due out until October, but here are some nice words from a GoodReads reviewer for the third book: Brilliant end to the trilogy, with much twistiness involved in tying up all the plotlines. Lots of humour and typical…

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