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The cost of printing

As I get ready for my weekend in Austin I would like to call your attention to this press release from earlier today:

The publishing house that brought you “Fifty Shades of Grey” announces better quality and lower priced books for loyal customers

To summarize, the per-book cost for print editions of Immortal and Hellenic Immortal is coming down.  Look for this price reduction (it is not, alas, retroactive, if you’ve already bought a copy) reflected first on the TWCS website starting in November, and eventually in the prices of copies sold by other vendors.  And soon, copies will be available in brick-and-mortar stores and all will be right in the world.

About Austin

I will be doing my best to keep updating everyone on my trip to Austin, but those updates will likely not be here, simply because I won’t have time to tap out a long blog entry.  What I will be updating regularly is Twitter (@genedoucette) and Tumblr (The Incredibly Unnecessary Gene Doucette Tumblr).  If you do not already follow me in those places and yet have Twitter and/or Tumblr accounts, I recommend you jump aboard.

And of course if you are going to be in Austin this weekend, look me up at the Writer’s Coffee Shop table, or otherwise wandering around the city looking confused and sunburned.

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