FIXER full cover, and new reviews

More Fixer fun for the new year

Behold the full cover art for Fixer, back cover text and all.


Isn’t it pretty?

Two reviews

Fixer also collected two new lovely reviews in the past week:

I will say that there are some genuinely creepy scenes in Fixer. The phrase “Don’t let them know you can see them.” is downright chilling in context. There are also some very touching moments, providing a nice balance to the story.

–The Bargain Bandit

Read the full review here

Gene Doucette’s Fixer was intriguing the entire way through, using time jumps to show you the Bain’s background, and it seriously puts a twist on the old war phrase “Kilroy was here” in a slightly terrifying manner.

Read the full Goodreads Review here

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