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As quite a few of you probably know–since quite a few of you readers are also writers or otherwise associated with the publishing industry in some form–Amazon can be kind of a bitch sometimes.  Books don’t get listed in a timely fashion, or they’re in stock but listed as taking 3 weeks to ship, and so on.

What I have right now is a problem with a positive outcome, to wit: the print edition of Fixer is available right now, right here.

Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverNow obviously it would be fantastic if Amazon didn’t flip the switch I imagine they must have somewhere that turns a book from Not Available Yet to In Stock up until the actual release date, which is March 21.  That is what I expect to happen with the e-book, which is also where I expect the bulk of the sales.  But getting it unlisted and then relisted at the right time is just not going to be worth the trouble because, while it’s listed early we at least know it will be listed on March 21st, and that’s a good thing when it comes to Amazon.

So, if you are a person who is inclined to purchase print editions, and you have not already preordered a copy from the publisher (which is cheaper, by the way, and will get you a signed book plate,) and you buy from Amazon, there is no need to wait until the 21st to own a copy of Fixer.  You can buy it right now.

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