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People, I have been on Facebook for so long now that when I joined my children were scandalized by the news.  This is how you tell a social network is The Latest Thing, incidentally: if your teenage kids have to sit down and think about whether or not they’re okay with you using it.  We went through this with Tumblr too.Image 14

It’s been a long time is my point.  Long enough to see the website go from being a weird niche thing that required explanation to something so common that people say “You don’t have Facebook?” in the same tone of voice they use when saying “You don’t have a driver’s license?”

Author Page

Despite that, I waited until last night to establish an author page for myself on Facebook.  I can’t explain why this is, although leading candidates are:

  • laziness
  • indifference
  • a misapprehension that this might be difficult in some way
  • an underappreciation of the significance of such a page

I have since rectified the lack of an author page in my life.  And now that I’ve set it up, I urge you to visit it and Like it, and fill the gaping need you did not know you had for an author page featuring me.

Author Gene Doucette

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