Interview with the Masquerade Crew

I love the smell of a new interview in the morning

I woke up to the pleasant surprise of my name turning up in dozens of retweets of an interview I gave a couple of weeks ago.  It posted overnight.

You’ve written and published a novel, congratulations! How do you define ‘success’ in terms of being an Indie author?
I don’t think an indie author should have any different expectations. We have seen a lot of massive success start with indie publishing in the past few years, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more in the years ahead. Indie publishers are much more nimble and can respond more quickly to market needs, and can tolerate underperforming titles far more than the big publishers. I expect books that nobody knew they wanted until they wanted it to come out of the indie market. I don’t expect to be surprised by much coming from the mainstream.
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