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The release date for  Sapphire Blue is still a long seven weeks away– I just counted– and there is a lot happening before then.  A blog tour!  More reviews!  An ARC giveaway on GoodReads!  And… probably some other stuff we haven’t even thought of yet!  It’ll be fun, and I can’t wait.

Actually, not only can I not wait, I’m actively impatient.  So I decided the only solution was to make you guys as impatient as I am, by giving you a look at the first chapter.


There is a lot of sex in Sapphire Blue.  Just none in the first chapter.  What you will get is a good introduction to the characters and an idea of the tone of the book, and hopefully a strong desire to read the other chapters when the book is released.  Click below to start reading!

Sapphire Blue Chapter One (1)

Sapphire Blue Chapter One (2)

Sapphire Blue Chapter One (3)

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