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Interview with Gene Doucette from Dale J Rappaneau, Jr

An interview with me posted this morning, in which we discuss Sapphire Blue and the problem with writing about sex, my Huffington Post articleswoodchucks, comic books, Buffy, and lots of other things:

[Dale J Rappaneau, Jr]

In the same article as above, you touch upon the idea of creating a new category, Multi-Genre, for stories that fall within more than one genre. In a way, wouldn’t this splinter the literary world even more, since it’d be another label to attach to a book’s defining genre title? Or would it broaden literary opportunities?

[Gene Doucette]

I don’t think it’s all that crazy an idea, because I think we’re already heading in that direction.  Twilight combined teen coming-of-age stories with vampires, and The Hunger Games did something similar with dystopian sci-fi.  Harry Potter is an English boarding school story with Tolkien fantasy and a little X-Men thrown in. Those are just the obvious examples.  Look at basically every book in the romance and erotica genres and you’ll see romance-with-fantasy, historical-erotica, whatever.  And it’s hardly just books.  Every movie based on a comic book is a multi-genre story, because comic books have been mashing up genres for fifty years.  And you have TV shows from Buffy on forward that introduce sci-fi and supernatural elements into mundane settings.  It’s everywhere.


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