Immortal At Sea– Available now

The Immortal Chronicles #1

I realized the other day that it has been two years–almost to the day–since a new story featuring Adam had come out.  The last was Hellenic Immortal and it debuted in May of 2012.  Before that was Immortal, a book with a complicated life cycle.  It was first available in October of 2010, but was re-released in a new edition in March 2012.GeneDoucette_ImmortalatSea1400

Immortal at the Edge of the World isn’t going to be available until October 0f 2014, but I can fill the Adam-free void you’ve all been suffering through–and I’m really sorry about the long delay, I forgot you all don’t live with him in your heads every day like I do–with short stories.

That’s the idea behind The Immortal Chronicles.  I’ll give you a taste of Adam talking about something interesting from his past, roughly once a month.  And hopefully, you will all enjoy it enough to share Adam with people who haven’t met him yet.

Immortal At Sea is the first Chronicle story.  If you’re thinking about picking it up but are worried that you need to have read the books first, that shouldn’t be a problem.  While my advice would be to read the books in order, Immortal At Sea is a standalone story.

You can pick up your copy by clicking the link below.



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