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So I wrote a new thing.

This came about because at roughly the same time I decided not to self-publish anything new for a few months so as not to conflict with the release of Immortal at the Edge of the World, Amazon decided to announce they were allowing preorders for all of their Kindle Direct Publishing books.

Like, right after, like Amazon heard me decide this and said, “now we must tempt him with a thing” and then they pushed a button somewhere and here we are.

But since I wasn’t planning on a new Adam story until at least December, I couldn’t take advantage of this for a while, and I don’t know if you know this but preorders for authors is like… well, it’s not like crack, it’s… look, find a metaphor that isn’t overused and go with that.  That’s what it’s like.

An Adam story in November wouldn’t have worked either, because I didn’t want to step on Edge of the World or confuse anybody, or give everyone the impression I can keep up the pace of a new Adam story every six to eight weeks.  Plus a November story would just make it more difficult to write a Christmas story.

So having gone through all of this I decided to hand over things to G Doucette and let him write an erotic short.

Club Himeros

Thus, Club Himeros is here.  Or will be, on November third.  What you can do right now, though, is preorder it.

Once I finalize the draft online, Amazon will let you peek inside.  Until then, I can only promise two things: it’s really hot; it’s not nearly as extreme as Sapphire Blue.  That either makes you very happy, or very unhappy, depending on how you felt about Sapphire Blue.

Preorder it here!

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