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You can now preorder the ebook (Kindle) edition of First Folio!  The official release date is January 6, 2015.  Place your order here.

Who is it for?

“But Gene,” you may be saying, “who is this volume for?”

First, thank you so much for asking such a fantastic lead-in question, you have a great future in commercials.

Second, here’s who it’s for:

  • people who read the novels but held off on the novellas because they are shorter
  • people who are completists and want to own everything Adam has to say, including the introduction he wrote that is unique to this volume
  • people who read the print versions of the novels but haven’t been able to buy the novellas because they don’t own a Kindle or don’t read ebooks (the print edition can be purchased now, right here)
  • people who have a friend who should be introduced to Adam (especially for Christmas, because, again: print edition)
  • people who like nice things
  • people

In summary

If you liked the novels and didn’t buy any of the short stories, now is your chance.  Own the first three Chronicle stories now in print, or put in an order to get it on your Kindle in January.

And now, one more time, look at this cover!


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