Pacing myself

I’m becoming a big fan of multiple simultaneous projects.

I used to think of it as multiple abandoned projects, where I’d stop working on something and then maybe go back and pick it up later to see where I went wrong, or maybe not.  But at least two of these projects are definitely happening… eventually.GeneDoucette_RegencyImmortal1400

A few months back I started work on the so-far-untitled Immortal 4, getting about 20,000 words in before stopping to write Regency Immortal.  Then I started Fixer Redux (possible title, not sure yet) and got about 30,000 words in.  I’m going to keep going with Redux for a little while longer, probably, before turning my attention to the new Immortal Chronicles book.

Also, still kicking around in the back of my head, and somewhere on my laptop, is the beginning of a new project (which I’ve mentioned before) called M Pallas.  That’s only about 12-15,000 words deep, and deserves more of my attention.

The sort-of cool thing about jumping from project to project is when I’m in the middle of writing one I end up saying “I can’t believe I only have X words written on this” but when I go back to it later it’s more like “I already have X words written on this!”


As difficult as this is going to be, I might wait until I have two things done before I start publishing again.  I could probably push out the new Chronicle fairly quickly, but this is getting exhausting, and I’d rather not risk sacrificing quality.  So maybe I get a first draft of Redux finished, then Chronicles 6 written, then turn to Immortal 4 again while editing Redux.  Or something like that.  Hopefully while all that is happening we can get a new website rolled out for Adam’s universe, and boost the existing books with a sale or two.

Unless I get antsy again.  That sixth Chronicle book is going to be about Eve.  I have thus far only ever defined her from the perspective of a man.  I don’t know her very well outside of that, so I’ve had to get to know her.  I’m pretty close to being ready to give her a story all her own, though–one Adam doesn’t narrate or necessarily even appear in.


Exciting times ahead.  Give me a few months to put in the writing, then we can have some fun.


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  1. Joelle Presby on April 11, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Sounds like a good plan. Happy writing!

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