Huffington Post article on the prehistory of Sorrow Falls

GeneDoucette_TheSpaceshipNextDoor1400We are one week away from The Spaceship Next Door, and let me tell you… I’m a wreck.

Here’s the thing: I am currently the only human who has read the book.  I was pretty okay with that arrangement for the novellas, because I’m solid when it comes to Adam and his voice and all that.  It was slightly more terrifying when it came to Eve, because I’d never visited Adam’s world in third-person narrative before, and because it was a different kind of story in a lot of ways.

The Spaceship Next Door is very different, and a lot more complex than anything I’ve ever tried before.  One reason–and if I did this right, none of you will care or even notice–is that I’m balancing omniscient narration with third-person POV narration.  I appreciate that most of you don’t know what the difference is, and to be honest I didn’t think about it at all when I was writing it.  But it’s a stylistic departure for me.

This is sort of ironic, actually, because I’ve been trying to write versions of stories about the town of Sorrow Falls (which is where the spaceship lands) for a little while.  That’s the topic of my latest Huffington Post article, When Twenty-Seven Years Equals Five Months.  In a lot of ways, this isn’t actually a new style at all; it’s the style that pre-dated a certain immortal man.

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