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Last year, sometime between the publication of Eve and The Spaceship Next Door I decided I should probably do something about my website problem.home-slide-immortal-eve-cvrs-2

Specifically, I didn’t have a website.  Not really.  I thought I did, insofar as if you typed my name into a search engine you would land on a place called ‘genedoucette.me’ in which words had been placed concerning Gene Doucette and all the stuff he writes.  And that’s what I went in with, when I spoke to AuthorBytes, a company that designs websites for writers all day, every day.

(Side note: when I first reached out to AuthorBytes, Steve, the company founder, suggested a phone call that afternoon, and said “it looks like we’re in the same time zone.”  Then he gave me his number, the first six digits of which matched my own landline number.  This is because Steve lives a quarter of a mile from me.)home-slide-spaceship-back

They took a look at the thing I was calling a website and said “no, that’s a blog, that isn’t a website.”

I didn’t have my Crocodile Dundee moment (‘that’s not a knife’) until I saw what AuthorBytes came up with.

This, this is a website.

As you saw, if you followed the links to either of the books at the top of this blog entry, every volume has its own page with sales avenues and praise.  I plan to add a backstory page for each book just as soon as I figure out how to create pages, so you can read about how and why I wrote what I wrote.

You will also find a separate news stream for various announcements.  I’m particularly excited about this, because let’s be honest, if you’ve followed me for a while you realize I’ve mostly been using my blog to announce new things rather than to blog.  Instead, I’ve been writing articles that rightly belong in my own blog over at Huffington Post.  I may still do that, but I’ll be contributing blog entries regularly here as well.home-slide-spaceship-cvr-2

What else?  Well, at the top of the front page, on the right, next to the photo of me that makes me look like I can see through your blouse, there are little icons that lead to my other social media presences.  I’d be happy to have you follow me.

And finally, let’s talk about my mailing list.  If you aren’t on it, you really need to rectify that right away.  That way, you’ll hear about blog posts as soon as they happen, news as soon as I announce it, and, I don’t know, maybe I’ll start giving away signed copies of stuff and things and such.

So: explore the site, and tell me what you think!  We’ll talk again soon.

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  1. Will bush on March 12, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Great, and revealing, article on e-books and sales and the Big 5…. Incredible.. The industry is so stupid , it WILL cause it’s own demise eventually

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