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Immortal: Last Call, available for preorder

The sixth (and final?) novel in The Immortal Series is now available for preorder! You can pick up Immortal: Last Call from one of the ebook retailers by following the links at the bottom. Also, we performed a minor cover redesign after I realized the lettering disappeared a little when the cover was shrunk down…

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Immortal: Last Call cover reveal

I’m happy to announce that the sixth Immortal novel will be available SOON. I’m currently in the middle of rewrites that I hope to wrap up by the end of this month. Look for an announcement of a firm release date in this space in the next couple of weeks, along with (maybe) a peek…

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On being a hybrid author, and: Apocalypse Seven is coming!

Earlier this year, I decided to sell a book to a publisher. I’m not talking about a book I’d already published. Dutiful readers of this space will recall that I’ve already done this once, in 2018, when John Joseph Adams Books (an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) bought the rights to The Spaceship Next Door,…

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Planning Ahead

When it comes to writing, I’m not what you call a good planner of things. I get an idea for a premise, a character, and maybe a vague idea of a storyline, and I’m off. Immortal guy who writes like a blogger? I’m there. Spaceship that lands and then refuses to do anything? Let’s find…

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Encore Boston Harbor: opening day

the view of Encore from the line

[Note: As I’m mostly an author, I mostly write about authorly things here. But, I am also occasionally a human being, and so I occasionally write about human being things here. This is one of those times.] Introduction Encore Boston Harbor, a large casino, opened up in the Boston area Sunday, which was great news…

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Fixer Redux release day!

Today’s the day! Run on down to your neighborhood ebook retailer and pick up a copy of Fixer Redux! Be the first kid on your block to know what happens next with Corrigan Bain, the man who can (kind of) see the future! Check out the Fixer Redux page for more. What you can expect The…

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What if Amazon Killed Kindle Unlimited?

A thought experiment What if Amazon killed Kindle Unlimited? I’m asking the question without any actual information that this is going to happen, so consider this a thought experiment, with a half-decent understanding of the indie marketplace sprinkled in. It’s not an alarm. Although…maybe it could be, because there are signs out there, if you…

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Fixer Redux is coming soon

A sequel is coming! It’s Fixer Redux, a follow-up to my 2013(!) novel, Fixer! Here are the details, first, and then I’ll come back with more. The Cover The Links for preordering Fixer Redux on Amazon Fixer Redux on Barnes & Noble Fixer Redux on iTunes Fixer Redux on Kobo Fixer Redux on Google Play…

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There will continue to be stories like this

A new scandal has put a spotlight (again) on the way indie publishing operates these days, and let me just say, this one’s a doozy. Why? Well, it has a little of everything, and it’s being amplified by the righteous anger of a traditionally published author who (commendably, for the most part) takes no prisoners.…

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Back from Boskone

An Introduction Calling Boskone my ‘first convention’ is nearly correct. It depends largely on how one defines ‘convention.’ I’ve been to a couple of other cons (Phauxcon, for instance) but this was the first time I attended something this large, and the first time I was a panelist. Let’s say it was my first big con,…

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