A new audiobook is coming

The feedback for the audiobook edition of The Spaceship Next Door has been just tremendous. Really: have a look at some of the reviews.

One of the themes in the reviews is: why don’t I have more audiobooks out?

This production is an exceptional piece of workmanship in the science fiction genre. The writing is clean and witty. The concepts are new, interesting and well presented. The narration was just right for the work at hand. I immediately went looking for another work by the author but, sadly, was unable to find one at Audible.com. I highly recommend this book and eagerly await the arrival of more work by Mr. Doucette at Audible.com.

More books are coming! The plan is to roll a new book out every 1-2 months until I run out of books. That will start in December, and will be contingent upon the availability of the estimable Steve Carlson.

But hey, while we’re here, here’s the cover for that December audiobook.


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