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Big news!

Unfiction is now available as an audiobook! Before we get any further, here are the links.






Long-time listeners will note that I went with a new narrator for this book. I thought Unfiction needed a slightly different angle than what I’ve gotten from Steve in the past, which is (I promise) a reflection of the nature of the book and not the nature of Steve. Steve’s still as awesome as ever.

The new narrator is Brad Wills, and he’s perfect. Give it a listen; I’m sure you’ll agree.

Finally, I’m straight-up stealing something Brad posted on Facebook, because I’ve decided I’m going to hire him to write all my copy.

I typically don’t post announcements regarding the releases of my most recent audiobooks on my personal page, and instead keep them contained to either of my professional pages. I’m making an exception today, though. I’m pleased and proud to have been selected as narrator of Gene Doucette‘s UNFICTION, a thrilling whirlwind of a novel about the process of creativity and the very fine line between fact and fiction. Where does one stop and the other begin? Well, in UNFICTION there IS no line as the disparate stories of fledgling writer Oliver Naughton begin intruding upon his daily life – whether they be fantasy/sci-fi, techno-thriller, horror, or intimate personal drama – to the point that his world turns upside-down and inside-out. As the pandemonium escalates, Oliver tries to maintain his identity, even as his life and the people in it literally change before his eyes. To say any more would be to completely ruin the spell Mr. Doucette (The Spaceship Next Door) has carefully crafted, so I’ll leave it to you to check out for yourself. Exciting, scary, bonkers, and absolutely hilarious, UNFICTION is joyous thrill ride that will leave you utterly breathless. Hang on!!!

Really, Brad, I think you missed your calling in P.R.

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  1. Brad Wills on July 6, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    I might have missed my calling in P.R. but I’d need a proofer, for sure, no matter how short the copy. That should read “…is A joyous thrill ride…” And since I know you just copied and pasted that from Facebook, I can’t nail you on the typos this time.

    Seriously though, I hope everyone enjoys the audio version of UNFICTION. My engineer and I had a trip working our way through the intricacies of this book, and we peeled back layer after layer when it was all over. I actually had three passes at – my first read-through, the recording, and the rough edit proof listen – and I kept finding little connections and references and clues everywhere during each step of the way. I even found some things that Gene himself wasn’t aware he had done!

    So whatever your medium, whether it be print or audio, take another journey through this crazy story in quick succession. You’ll see what I mean. HAVE FUN!

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